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DC’s ‘Injustice’ digital comic wraps, to return in 2014

injusticeannual1The success of DC Comics’ digital-first Injustice: Gods Among Us comic comes to an end this week — at least temporarily. The comic book prequel to the NetherRealm Studios fighting game finishes its first digital run with Injustice: Gods Among Us #36, but there’s still more to come.

Writer Tom Taylor will return in 2014 for new weekly installments of the series, picking up where Issue 36 leaves off.

“I said early on that we had a definite ending in mind for our story,” he told IGN. “I knew that the story we were telling in these 36 chapters was essentially the break-up of the World’s Finest friendship. When Superman and Batman’s relationship became irreparable, that’s when our story would end. That tale is told now. However, we have another story to tell in the pages of Injustice, and that story will begin in January 2014.”

In addition, an Injustice Annual issue is solicited for Nov. 13, written by Taylor with art by Xermanico, introducing Lobo to the world of Injustice and pitting him against a super-powered Harley Quinn.

Injustice has been one of DC’s most successful digital-first titles, and IGN reports the reason for the hiatus is to give the publisher the opportunity to spotlight some of its other upcoming digital-first endeavors, including Batman: Arkham Origins, Teen Titans GO! and The Vampire Diaries.

Taylor also took to Facebook with a statement confirming that Issue 36 “will be our last … for now.”

“Creating a weekly comic over such a long time, and maintaining the standards we set for ourselves, has been a huge challenge, and I think our incredible team of artists, colorists, our letterer, Wes Abbott, and especially my good friend and brilliant editor, Jim Chadwick, should all be given shiny medals and chauffeur-driven hovercars,” Taylor wrote. “Injustice has been an absolute dream project. I want to thank Hank Kanalz, Jim Chadwick, and everyone at DC Comics and NetherRealm Studios for giving me the opportunity to write this epic story which has meant so much to me. I’d also like to thank our entire team and the writers of the Injustice game.”

Taylor spoke with CBR early this year, before the launch of Injustice, and said the comic was one of the most challenging projects he’d ever taken on.

“Writing Superman is a dream come true, but with Injustice, that dream has quickly become a nightmare,” he said. “The events in this series are just — horrible. I think my love for this character meant I knew exactly how to hurt him. I’m not lying when I say this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever written. No one should have to do this to their hero. No one.”

Taylor is set to replace James Robinson on DC’s Earth 2 in November.



Easily my favourite DC pull, glad it’s continuing

Well imo he sure didn’t help Superman or make me feel sorry for him. All I got from this Batman is superior morally to Superman. The so called greatest hero forgets his principles and turns into a bully. There are so many other heroes in the DCU who suffers worse than Supes and they don’t become a lunatic. But you know Batman is all that matters at the end of the day so who cares eh. Oh and if Taylor does not write WW ever again, I will be quite happy.

Looks like someone didn’t get the whole point of Injustice.

That’s a good looking Lobo, will have to check this out.

@ John S
Dear God, his WW hurt me to read…

I have no sympathy for what happened to WW. I’ve really come to hate her skewed logic.

Benjamin Handelman

September 20, 2013 at 7:51 am

You have to remember, Taylor writes Wonder Woman with that personality because that is how she is in the game. This is still a tie-in book and he has to try to keep it somewhat consistent with what someone buying the game would see.

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