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Fan-made ‘Dark Knight Legacy’ continues Nolan’s trilogy

dark knight legacy

Devotees of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy — particularly those who hoped a follow-up might center on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake — may find a lot to enjoy in The Dark Knight Legacy, a seven-minute fan film that debuted this morning on Machinima.

Directed by Brett Register from a script by Woody Tondorf and Chris Landa, the short picks up a year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, as Blake (as Nightwing) tries to “protect the symbol of Batman from the lethal, relentless attacks of a masked vigilante known only as the Red Hood.” (Fan-favorite character Stephanie Brown also makes an appearance.)

The producers hope to transform The Dark Knight Legacy into an actual series, and to that end they’ve turned to Indiegogo in an effort to raise $30,000. Watch the video below.



For half a second I missed “fan-made” and got a little confused and waaay too excited.

nice love how they finaly used scareface and ventriliquest and also black mask too or at least a kid for black mask. plus stephanie brown too cool.

I’d be more interested if we saw more “original” superhero story ideas being generated, this just kinda seeps a little too much fanserivice for me. Best of luck though.

Yeah, another day, another fan-fic film. Sorry, but it’s harder and harder to get excited about these. They all look the same (poor lighting becuse it’s “gritty!”), all have some kind of nerd-boner take on the mythology. And my god, do any of these people know GOOD actors? You can almost smell the local dinner theater.

We are in an age where this amateur-hour stuff gets attention, because there’s so much out there that’s worse. Sad.

KaBlam!, how about dialing down the air of pomposity and just let people enjoy something? I mean, is really necessary to rain on everyone’s parade? Do you thrive on being an ass? These people worked hard on this and just shitting on it because it doesn’t fit your standards doesn’t make you seem cool.

Well safe to say they won’t be getting anything from me.

THAT-WAS-AWESOME!!!! really hats off to whoever made this, you should have Zack Snider’s Job!

I’m not raining on anyone’s parade, Hopeless. But this is far too often the reality of Fan Fiction. We applaud the filmmakers because they tried really, really hard, regardless of the end results. It’s like cheering on children because you don’t want to make them sad. Well, near as I can tell, these aren’t children. They’re adults and they could use some constructive criticism.

There’s a whole world of independent film out there that has great acting, great dialogue, great writing, and high production values. Why do we lower our expectations because it’s on the internet and it’s about “our” thing (comics and superheroes)?

If this didn’t deal with the Batman mythos and was just some crime story, would you be as kind? Most people wouldn’t. They would call it out at the amateur-hour stuff that it is.

Being critical isn’t raining on someones parade. If these people actually want to do a service to the character, or become actors and directors, then they need to know what’s bad about what they make and what’s good.

The Red Hood mask is good.
The guy they got for Nightwing does a good JGL impression.
Stephanie Brown as Gotham PD is a cool idea.

DC Intern: Mr. Didio there is a fan-film continuation of The Dark Knight Rises.
Dan Didio: Whatever, let it be
DC intern: It’s got Stephanie Brown in it.
Dan Didio: We are the cease and desist letters?

I enjoyed it.

Doesn’t having Robin John Blake become Nightwing kind of miss the whole point of the ending of Dark Knight Rises? The idea was that Bruce Wayne would pass on the mantle of Batman because Batman is a symbol that can never die or be destroyed. Having Robin John Blake become a seperate superhero seems like a basic case of missing the point.

No, missing the point was having John Blake’s given name be Robin instead of Dick #@*$ing Grayson. Takes me out of the movie every time.

If it’s a vigilante in a hockey mask, I’d rather watch Wild Dog.

Lazarus Pit Foreman

September 16, 2013 at 9:22 pm

I liked the depiction of Red Hood. Cobblebot’s look though…not so sure about that. The guy as Nightwing doing the JGL impression, kudos to him. But to be honest ever since Batman Dead End, no other fan film has come close to that in terms of sheer quality. This is nipping at its heels but not quite. I don’t want to compare because the guys obviously put a lot of hard work and money into this one here but really just didn’t do it for me. Which is sort of dissapointing cause I’m still waiting for that fan film to come along and blow me away. Unfortunately 90% of them don’t. Best of luck though in your future endeavours.

KaBlam!, you just plain suck. Why? Rather than enjoy these fan-films for what they are, you compare them with professional films. Furthermore, the simple truth is that there isn’t any real push to professionally produce films featuring any of our favorite superheroes/characters. So why not be a bit charitable in your criticism of these outings, okay?

Nobody felt like an actual criminal in the whole thing. I know we make excuses for low budget stuff, but people should aim their sights lower if they don’t have the money to do stuff like this IMO. The Hood looked cool though.

Ummm. How can it be the red hood if the joker didn’t kill Jason Todd? Kinda hard to bring back the 2nd robin if they never existed in the movie.

To address the comments above about fan-films, they are often of dubious and highly variable quality. I haven’t had a chance to see this one yet, but the Punisher one with Tom Jane (Dirty Laundry ?) was pretty good, and the Judge Dredd related Judge Minty was amazing. Both are certainly worth a look on Youtube.

to bad the talent and expertise of all those involved is being wasted on a property they don’t have the rights to use, I’d support if this was an attempt at something NEW and ORIGINAL not a bad-copy of something done better and owned by someone else. I feel like these people cripple legitimate talent by using characters they can’t.

Damn, they should get Warner Bros in on this and do it as filler leading up to Superman/Batman and loosely connecting the Nolan trilogy to the future of the DC Cinematic Universe…

Red Hood tries to take over Gotham, Nightwing tries to stop him. Reveal that, like Nightwing, Red Hood has a connection to Batman, even the Joker, throw in Harley, then toward the end Alfred realizes Nightwing is good, but can’t handle all that’s happening, he tracks down Bruce and convinces him to come out of retirement. Bruce is, of course, Ben Affleck.

As for John Blake’s real name, could easily retcon that to “Robin Richard Grayson”… and he chooses Nightwing as a name because he doesn’t feel right being Batman when he’s still “training”.

Making films (of any budget) is a difficult process. I take my hat off to these guys for accomplishing what they have. It may not be perfect but they clearly love what they’re doing and put a lot into this. The costumes and lighting are awesome.

The only quibble I have is a character one – didn’t the Dark Knight Rises clearly show that JGL’s character had learned to hate guns? He threw his own away in disgust after killing that goon. I always assumed that, along with Gordon’s confession, was a defining moment that would motivate him to become the next vigilante defender of Gotham (Batman, Robin, etc) and follow in Batman’s (mostly) non-lethal methods. Seeing him gun down a room full of baddies in this film seemed like it wasn’t following that character progression.

But otherwise – great work and best of luck to the cast and crew!

“The only quibble I have is a character one – didn’t the Dark Knight Rises clearly show that JGL’s character had learned to hate guns? He threw his own away in disgust after killing that goon.”

And 5 minutes later he went charging into the hospital with a shotgun to save Gordon, so he apparently got over his gun hate pretty quickly.

But it’s a moot point, really, because the Red Hood isn’t John Blake. Blake was the guy in the mask at the end (Nightwing), giving info to the cops.

I’m in general agreement with KaBlam on these things. Once you’ve seen a few, the novelty wears off. And, I’m not sure what the point is supposed to be. I mean, that’s a lot of time, energy, and effort to invest in something that offers no real tangible return. And as potential audition tapes, wouldn’t they be better served by doing something original in a less genre-centric form, where the nonexistent budget isn’t so viscerally obvious that it undermines the overall narrative effectiveness?

I have to agree with kalorama and KaBlam. It’s a bit silly even watching these because they’re easily forgettable. Each one is replaced by the next and the quality is never as good as it’s touted to be. They may have invested a large amount of time and energy in it but maybe a little more time and energy would’ve produced some original and far more interested. The issue I always have is the forced references. They always so silly and unoriginal.

Yeah, add me to the people who are in with kalorama and KaBlam. Seems like a waste of time and effort.

Not going to watch it, I have no desire to see fan films or read fan fiction or anything of the like. If you’re going to spend so much time and energy working on something like this, why not create your own stuff?

Dug it for what it was, check out an “alternate” take on a sequel to TDKR

Really good. I love how fanfics gets “so professional”. They have a great idea for a sequel to Nolan’s trilogy.

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