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For one night only: Ed McGuinness revisits ‘Deadpool’


Although he’s currently known for his work on brawny heroes like Superman and Red Hulk, upcoming Astonishing X-Men artist Ed McGuinness got his big break from a very different kind of hero: a merc with a mouth. In 1997, he and writer Joe Kelly joined forces to put the ’90s anti-hero Deadpool head-deep in hijinks and human suffering, and gave the mercenary an oddly lovable supporting cast that included Blind Al and Weasel. The series gained cult status among for its ballsy slapstick humor that grew to become a trademark for the once-dark character.

And now, Marvel is pulling together Kelly and McGuinness’ run — along with a few extras — in a massive tome titled Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus. Although I have a bit of an issue with not including the artist’s name in that title, I’m excited to get all these issues in my hand. For this early 2014 collection, Marvel commissioned McGuinness to create a cover commemorating the run. “It was a blast revisiting these characters,” the artist wrote on his DeviantArt page.

Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus is scheduled for release in January.




Probably didn’t put the artist’s name on as it reprints through #33 and McGuinness moved on after #8 or #9, with Pete Woods and Walter McDaniel doing the lions share of the issues following.

I remember when this book launched – I think I bought for the first year or so before falling out. It was also the first book I saw McGuinness’ art on and I LOVED IT. Great cover.

Just a slight heads up – the article references McGuiness as the artist of the upcoming Astonishing X-Men, which should be Amazing X-Men.

I’ve loved McGuiness’s work since Superman, so I went back and got these Deadpool issues by him. They’re pretty solid, except the last couple of his run where he starts to phone it in. Still, I’m looking forward to Amazing X-Men.

That run was as good as Deadpool will ever get.

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