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I am vengeance, I am the night, I am … BatDad!


When Bruce Wayne was searching for a symbol to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, he decided that, “Yes, father, I shall become a bat.” When Blake Wilson was searching for a gift for a child’s birthday, he discovered a Batman mask in the toy aisle and decided … he would become BatDad.

That twist of fate, a mere three weeks ago, has both entertained and annoyed his wife and children (honestly, judging from a couple of the Vine videos, Jen doesn’t look too amused), and transformed BatDad into a bit of an Internet sensation. You see, Blake shoots video of himself wearing the mask as he, with a Christian Bale-like growl, shouts things like “Where is she?” at his young son, “Jen! Make sure you wash my pajamas!” at his startled wife, and “Wake up! It’s time for breakfast!” at his sleeping daughter.

Yeah, raspy-voiced BatDad shouts a lot, which may eventually put his jumpy family on a path toward Arkham Asylum. See some of the videos below, and more of them here.

(via HappyPlace, BuzzFeed)



This was kind of done already with the Dark Knight ruins Christmas (and it’s not quite as good sequels). Those were funny. This is more annoying than anything else.

What are you talking about? This is glorious. Love the second one. Bat-pajamas FTW!

Hahahahaha. Video #2 is priceless.

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