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iFanboy ceases ‘normal day-to-day operations’

ifanboyAfter 13 years, iFanboy announced this afternoon that it’s “ceasing normal day-to-day operations,” with only its podcasts continuing on the website. There will be no new written content.

“The simple fact is that our lives are much different now than they were even five years ago, and with families and day jobs and other opportunities all vying for our time and attention, has been suffering for it and we couldn’t watch it suffer any longer,” co-founder Conor Kilpatrick wrote on the site. “It hurts us to not be able to put our all into this place that we’ve spent so many years building into a vibrant and wonderful community.

iFanboy, which was purchased in February 2010 by digital distributor Graphicly, split with the company in January 2013, even as website co-founder Ron Richards announced he had joined Image Comics as director of business development.

“After five years spent running as our primary jobs, we had to transition back to running iFanboy part time after Graphicly handed it back to us in February of this year,” Kilpatrick continued, “and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on everything we need to focus on in the manner that it deserves to be.”

There’s much more at iFanboy, including messages from many of the key contributors.



Royal Boiling Point

September 1, 2013 at 5:56 pm

After Josh Flanagan’s defense of Before Watchmen all I can think is GOOD RIDDANCE!

@Royal Boiling Point

Do you feel better about yourself now?

It’s still sad to see them go, even though their tacit acknowledgement that the site has been going downhill seems . . . really obvious at this point.

I loved listening to them 6-7 years ago. Then they seemed to put it on autocontrol and coast for as long as they could with’s money.

I still like some of the guys over there, but I haven’t listened to their podcast for years. When I hear things like “Josh [aka “the self-described indie guy”] defended Before Watchmen”, I think “What else would you expect, at this point?”

Jimski has turned in about 150 weekly columns in a row that are so smarmy, so semi-sarcastic, and so poorly written that no one knows what side of any argument he’s indignantly and self-importantly decided to take this time around.

Ron Richards was the best of them, mostly because he was honest and just wanted to have a good time. Totally predictable reviewer who fell for every big X-book like he was still 13 years old and the calendar says 1992, but still . . . great guy who would obviously be a great asset for Image.

And Conor just mindlessly likes Batman.

The site stopped having any point a while ago. I look back on it and think “I read some good stuff there.” But . . . did I, really? I think I mostly just wasted time there having pseudo-interactions with a “community”, trying to reason with people under the mass delusion that nearly every Big Two comic deserves at least 4 stars on average.

Too bad, but as long as we still have Comics Should Be Good and Robot 6 we’ll be alright

I think they had the best pull-list app online. It wasn’t perfect, but it was most functional and useable.

I had met the main 3 several times. They were…not as nice as you’d think. In a convention filled with celebrities, they were the only ones who acted like they were too big to talk to a fan. They say “Never meet your heroes,” but almost every comic creator I’ve met was super-nice. But the hosts of what was my favorite podcast were jerks on multiple occasions.
I’d already been ignoring their site for a while. Any time I’d get curious and check it out, I’d just see one oh the aforementioned Jimski pieces and get mad again. The last one I saw was anti-Chris Hardwick. Really? That’s who you’re gonna go after?
Sorry to vent.

The internet is laden with miserable bastards isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I clearly can’t dismiss comments suggesting some of the ifanboys aren’t paragons of virtue. I would also concur that some of their reviews and opinions were never going to get a thumbs up from me.

So what? I have never encountered any site that 100% reflects my tastes, opinions etc. I don’t expect that to change, nor do I wish for it.

Yet, they provided the most effective comic books forum I’ve ever experienced, where all viewpoints were expressed, heartily. The ifanboy base is what made the site work. The team who ran it deserve praise for providing the format and tools that got folk logging in week after week after week.

There are thousands of people genuinely disappointed by their announcement and it’s telling
that in all the discussion on ifanboy as to how to ‘fill the void’, there’s no genuine alternative.

I’m genuinely bummed about this news. As an avid iFanbase member, I’m going to miss the daily interaction with other fans I got from that site. There isn’t another site I know of that I could discuss books I liked/disliked without trolls or hyperbolic know-it-alls. I never met the Founders three, so I can’t argue if they’re “nice” or not in real life, but they created and fostered an awesome community where comic fans could hang on the internet.

I guess if the only bad thing people could say on here where that they didn’t like the articles written by 1/10 of the contributors, then the crew did all right.

Now it’s up to CBR, my second (now first) favorite comics site to pick up the slack. :) Can we get a pull list/discussion section on CBR?

Whoa. You all sure don’t like these guys. I for one really enjoyed their site’s solid pull-list app, so I’m bummed about that. Still, I mostly enjoy their podcast, so I’m really glad they’re still continuing that.

@BuddyBaker – I liked them, just fine, as I hope my earlier post indicated.

Anyone know a pull list site that is similair to the iFanboy sites. I loved to select my comics and discuss with the other iFanboyians

What compels a person to post a negative comment here? Does it make you feel superior? What’s the point?
The negativity is sad and not surprising. Re-purpose your negativity into something more favorable and maybe you’ll have a happier life.

iFanboy was a popular site with many supporters. Its founders made a tough decision. Best wishes to all involved.

@consafo80, here’s a couple of suggestions :-

From a purely pull-list d/base perspective –

For managing your whole collection :-

For dialogue and debate, I’m not aware of a truly comparable site, notwithstanding.

Sad to hear, though I haven’t check in on the podcast for that site in years. (I regularly relisten to the “GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra” podcast, though. It’s a delight all the way through — from the early comparison to STAR WARS to the riffing on the cartoon PSA’s at the end.)

But I guess it’s to be expected. Live change, tastes change, and some stuff you were doing you just don’t have time for anymore. It’s the perils of turning your hobby into a career.

Well, those two fellows don’t seem to care for me.

I’m very sad to see the site go. I met a lot of very good friends through it and had a lot of fun spouting off and winding up guys like those two above.

What’s with all the nasty comments?

I’ll miss their pull list system and articles, but the podcast is the heart and soul of the website, so as long as those keep on downloading themselves to my itunes, I’ll be happy.

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