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‘It is profoundly important to my entire creative process’

Sex Criminals #3

Sex Criminals #3

“I can’t, and wouldn’t dare, speak for anyone other than me: It’s vital. It’s essential. It is profoundly important to my entire creative process. Aside from pride of ownership, I just start to get antsy and itchy and bored writing the same genre again and again. The greatest concern I have is that the writing will read antsy and itchy and boring. Getting away from the superhero mainstream from time to time to do anything — Casanova, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals — tends to keep me energized and excited.”

Matt Fraction, on the importance of doing creator-owned comics in addition to his work at Marvel



On the art side, John Cassaday’s work of late could stand some energizing & excitement. His Marvel covers are realy boring and static now, where during Planetary’s (admittedly protracted) run at least some of that crazy energy would seep into his mainstream stuff. Now it’s all just Cap standing.

Cassaday’s covers have been boring since that awful JMS run on Superman. And the interiors to those three issues of Avengers weren’t much better. If doing something new is what it will take to get Cassaday to turn in something worth looking at, then he needs to do that quick. He went from great to mediocre pretty quickly.

All the characters in Cassaday’s Uncanny Avengers looked quite pudgy. Somebody needs to keep Captain America away from the pies as he looked especially jowly.

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