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“I’ve only been called ‘gay Uncle Tom’ by about three websites”

Batwoman #26

Batwoman #26

“The circumstances could be more pleasant. You never want to take over a book when people leave on not the best terms, but the character is so rich and I’m such a huge fan of everything Greg [Rucka] and Haden and J.H. — especially J.H. — have done on that book, that I’m not going in to rearrange everything and say, ‘Everything that went on before is bad. I’m going to fix it.’ I want to do right by the character, and the character that they have done … I’ve got to say, the reaction on the Internet — I expected to be vilified, and drawn and quartered, and I’ve only been called ‘gay Uncle Tom’ by about three websites, so statistically, I’m ahead of the game. Statistically, the Internet’s been great to me.”

— writer Marc Andreyko, in an interview with CBR TV, discussing taking the reins on DC’s Batwoman following the sudden departure of J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman



yup and the most overblown story of the year award goes to…

Frankly, I am more interested in this series now than before. JH’s art is amazing, but the story he and Blackman were telling – at least based on the first six issues – was rather underwhelming. Andreyko is just a better writer than these guys. And I have always been a writer-first kind of fan.

Look, unless he’s referring to internet comments, citation needed.

Honestly, I am so sick of hearing this stuff. I tried New52 Batwoman and just did not care for it without Rucka. Andreyko’s Manhunter series has been one of my more recent favorites. And I think he will be a great fit on this book.

I wish I could support an openly gay writer taking over an openly gay character for a major company, but the creator dealings have soured it too much and I’m done with the book. It also feels like there’s just a guillotine hanging over Maggie’s neck now, and it’s hard to be invested in any degree of a will-they-won’t-they when the company has outright promised they never will. Having the first issue be a tie-in to an “event” that was designed to be self-contained doesn’t help either.

It is a bad situation all around, but from what I’ve seen most of the hate has been directed to DC Management, which is where it belongs.

I’m sure somebody out there is irrationally ticked at Andreyko, because the Internet is the Internet, but he’s by no means at the center of the blowback.

I should hope people are treating Marc Andreyko respectfully. He had nothing to do with why Williams and Blackman left the series. It’s no fair to villainizing him for getting work.

Probably because most people know this whole thing is, once again, about DC editorial and NOT Marc Andreyko.

I read the first year of Batwoman and was underwhelmed. It was very pretty, but the art could be too “arty” and distant. And that Crime Bible stuff went on way too long. I wouldn’t be paying attention to this change up in the creators except that I’m a big fan of Andreyko and I hope he gives us a down-to-earth Kate Kane a la Kate Spencer.

A bunch of female friends of mine had been reading and loving this book, JH Williams was a huge part of that, now they aren’t so sure.

This was the last DC book I was still reading. Now I’m not reading any. Oh well. DC needs new leadership across the board. Its been mistake after mistake.

Marc Andreyko is a great writer, and I will be picking up the book for the first time because of the change.
I’ve read the 2 trades of 52 Batwoman, and although they’re not bad, it was not a home run for me.

Marc has written some of my favourite stuff, Manhunter in particular, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he contributes to the character. Not as a gay writer, but as a bloody good one.

he aint been chosen for political reasons
honest guv

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