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J. Scott Campbell draws the balding men of ‘Breaking Bad’


In this piece from Monday on Francesco Francavilla’s poster designs for Breaking Bad‘s final episodes, I noted how many comic creators are drawing sketches of Walter White. One name I forgot to mention was famed “good girl” artist J. Scott Campbell, who posted these images last week on Instagram and his DeviantArt account.

Against type, he’s stuck to drawing the gnarled male leads from the acclaimed drama, although there’s unfortunately no take on the great Saul Goodman. That naturally leaves me pondering an alternate reality in which Campbell has drawn cheesecake versions of Skyler, Maria, Lydia, etc. Maybe that could be the theme of his 2015 calendar: “The Long-Suffering Women of Breaking Bad.” That would make perfect sense, tonally. Stop looking at me like that.






Just goes to show that JSC would make a far better caricature artist working the streets of Manhattan than he does a comic book artist.

I’m saddened to admit Kris is right, haha.

I remember there was a pull-out “poster” in one of my high school yearbooks that Campbell did of all these different celebs at the time (mid-nineties), and thinking how much his stuff reminded me of Mort Drucker. So do these, but he may have surpassed Drucker artistically if that’s even possible.

I love bill sienkewicz!!!

So he can draw something other than skinny, weirdly-anatomied women? I’m shocked.

My fave images are ‘Walt’ and ‘Mike’. I love the way in which all your comments are negative and insulting and yet I can pretty much guarantee, not one of you can draw anywhere near the level quality that JSC can! You’re all a bunch of sad tossers!
Great work JSC :D

so am i to understand that one must be a better artist than the one in question, to be able to post a negative comment or critique?

You don’t have to be even an artist to contribute valuable critique, but if you are an artist you know what its like to put yourself out there and be judged by those who don’t create anything themselves. The negative comments here dismiss these drawings as if people would almost rather they not exist, and that Jason should just not even try to continue drawing. Critique is only useful when it is thoughtful and actually contributing something. All too often people feel in a place to judge creative things that they have no insight or knowledge of, dismissing what it would take to become an artist a good artist. These are totally awesome drawings. I would want to offer nothing but encouragement to Jason Scott Campbell to keep drawing things like these – he obviously has a lot of fun doing them and hope he continues them despite the useless and hurtful comments.

Hi. Thanks to Scott Campbell for sharing. Hank was a study for his Hulk covers, who knows? l like Jess one. ^^

Actually, I do have a background in art. I dabble in both penciling and photography. I am not deluded enough to believe that I am somehow better than another artist. I was simply pointing out how good his caricature skills are, and perhaps that career would be better suited for someone who hasn’t drawn a full-length comic in I don’t know how long.

As an artist myself, I have to say that I have never liked J. Scott Campbell’s work. However, these are amazing. They do have a Mort Drucker/Jack Davis quality to them, and I wish this had been more prevalent in his comics work.

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