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Linda Medley is back at work on ‘Castle Waiting’ … and more!

12 witches fcFans of Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting have had to be very patient, as there was a four-year gap between the release of the first volume in 2006 and the second in 2010. Last year, three more chapters were released as single issues that finished the story of volume 2, and Fantagraphics published the work anew as a “definitive edition.”

This week, the Fantagraphics blog updated Medley fans with news that she’s back at work on Castle Waiting, drawing storyboards for the third volume — although the publisher can’t say yet in what format the new story will be released.

And there’s more: Medley has also dusted off an unfinished project, Twelve Witches, a Castle Waiting spinoff for younger readers. As she explained in this 1999 interview, it’s based on the characters in her first comic The Curse of Brambly Hedge, which was originally published with the support of a Xeric grant. (Another interesting tidbit from that interview: Medley was a penciler for Justice League of America and Doom Patrol, both very different from her current work.)

Fantagraphics has posted some penciled pages from Twelve Witches on its Tumblr.

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Good timing. I just read Castle Waiting volume 1 and 2. They were surprisingly good, but the story/stories meander. She’s an awesome storyteller, but it’s as if she has no intention of ever ending anything.

This is wonderful news!

That’s sooo great. Linda is so incredibly talented and Castle Waiting is really worth waiting for. I love both of them!

Yesss!!! So glad she has returned to the book. I have missed it so much. It is easy to get caught up with the 2 in print!!! volumes of Castle Waiting 1 and Definitive vol 2.

This would be amazing! I hope she’s still passionate about the project and hard at work. I know it takes a lot of dedication to do such a project. Thank you Linda for all the reading pleasure you have given me over the years. I still re-read Vol 1 and 2 religiously haha.

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