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Loki teaches Cookie Monster about delayed gratification


As if we needed more proof that the minds behind Sesame Street intend elements of the beloved television series to be as much for adults as for children, a new clip features The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World star Tom Hiddleston teaching Cookie Monster an important lesson about self-control and delayed gratification.

“I just made the correlation between your name and what I’m about to eat,” the god of mischief taunts. Watch the video below.



That was greatest thing I ever saw

Really funny. I’m not keen on “O My God” being spoken on Sesame Street, though. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is inappropriate for children’s programming.

as opposed to terrible table manners being shown on children’s programming. God will forgive the blasphemy, most kids mums wont forgive the spray of cookie shrapnel on their floors.

I don’t think the mom will care about the blasphemy or the crumbs when she sees Loki in the house.

Erm, slightly presumptuous to assume they are talking about your christian ‘God’ there, isn’t it? There’s more than one religion y’know? Personally I think any god is going to be happy with whatever free advertising they get these days, via Muppets or any other way. I get the feeling my lot would be laughing along with Tom there.

If anyone has the right to say “god,” it’s Loki.

That was amazing!!!

It is a little known fact that Cookie Monster is Irish Catholic. Behind the scenes, he actually needed to be convinced that the cookie-ravenous character he plays on screen would actually be single-minded enough to utter “Oh my God!” when confronted with cookies. Ultimately, the drama and desperation the phrase imbued in his performance succinctly carries the scene, though he did do 2 rosaries and a hail Mary when the director yelled cut.

One take. These guys are professionals.

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