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Man of Steel teaches Elmo and friends about respect

henry cavill-sesame street

Determined not to be upstaged by the god of mischief, the Man of Steel dropped by Sesame Street to teach a valuable lesson of his own. Appearing on today’s episode of the beloved children’s series, which kicked off its 44th season on Monday, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill explained the meaning of respect to Elmo, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs.

“Respect means treating someone in a way that makes them seem cared for and important,” Cavill tells Big Bad, who’s quick to pick up on the lesson. There’s even a “Piggies Rock!” cake involved (Loki only had cookies).

You can watch Cavill’s “Word on the Street” appearance below. Entertainment Weekly also has a behind-the-scenes details, and a photo of the actor posing with Super Grover during his visit to the studio (his segment was taped shortly before the June 14 release of Man of Steel).



Ironic, given that he starred in a movie nobody could take their children to.

Did he teach kids how to say you’re an example to the world while respectfully snapping someone’s because you can’t think of a better way to make him look in a different direction for 5 seconds.

@Talmidge @Irwin Schwab
You’re both complete idiots.

Pretty cool to see Cavill in Sesame Street, seems like a great guy.

Talmidge and Irwin Schwab are idiots who can’t separate actors from the characters they play. They should watch the video because it would actually teach them something.

You better show them respect Mr. Big bad wolf. You wouldn’t like Superman when he’s angry.

Becca- So you call two people you’ve never met idiots and then in the very next sentence tell them to take a lesson from sesame street? Typical internet.

My 5 year old nephew watches Superman and Sesame Street. Maybe he can teach some of you how to argue a point like a grown up without name calling.

Josh, I don’t need to meet someone to judge when they’ve done something idiotic. Take things into context before you jump in. Typical internet.

I took my kids to watch MOS so I’m not sure who you’re referring to Irwin. And I saw plenty of kids on that opening night too. Stop trying to bring everyone down man. Nice video with Henry, Elmo and his gang there.

so… if they bid bad wold didn’t treat them respectfully… *SNAP*

Give Irwin the benefit of the doubt; he may have been referring to Cavill’s role on the “The Tudors.” Definately not for kids.

Superman didn’t murder anyone. Zod committed “Suicide By Cop.” That is an actual police term. Look it up.

Becca- You didn’t say they were being idiotic, you called them idiots. I can scroll up and read what you wrote so don’t try and change it. There is a huge difference between name calling someone you don’t know based on one sentence and saying, “you’re being dumb” One is being an jerk, the other is implying that that statement may not have been good.

“Superman didn’t murder anyone.”

Other than the guy he murdered, you mean.

Leave it to bitter fans to post stuff like this regarding a Man of Steel/Sesame Street video. Nice job, stupid.

He’s just so goddamned dreamy!

This comment section is a perfect example of why the medium had been stagnant for SO long.Why would anyone take it seriously when you can’t even get past a Sesame Street video?

And this: “Becca- You didn’t say they were being idiotic, you called them idiots.”

Speaks volumes… semantics much?

Get a life.

Cool to see him on the show by the way.

It has nothing to do with the medium. Don’t be a sanctimonious ass. This is what 90s percent of message boards on the internet are like. It’s the same on the UFC, NFL, Music, Moves, etc. Either get over it or go read a book.

Think you are all missing the real lesson to be learned here – “When posing for pictures, avoid having phallic pink pig puppets anywhere near your groin region.”

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