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MTV Geek calls it a day

mtv geekThe comics and pop culture site MTV Geek came to an abrupt end this afternoon with a short post titled simply “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.”

As a contributor to the site, as well as a reader (I frequently linked them in Comics A.M.), I’m not at all impartial about this: I’m sorry to see it go.

MTV Geek debuted nearly three years ago at New York Comic Con with a launch party that served as a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The original editor was Valerie Gallaher, who left about five months ago.

The site  covered a lot of topics: comics, yes, but also movies, television, games, toys, cosplay, pretty much everything in the larger world of geeky interests. It ran a mix of news, interviews and fannish content like Twitter roundups and five-best posts. In the beginning there were also original comics, although those seem to have fallen by the wayside.

The demise of the site, which arrives less than a month after iFanboy ceased its”normal day-to-day operations,” doesn’t leave MTV without comics coverage: The final post indicates that MTV News will be reporting on NYCC next month.



Yet another site that covered exactly the same ground as dozens of other sites hits the dust. No great cultural loss.

MTV Geek had Sean Kleefeld pretty much exclusively writing about webcomics there. Webcomic news is pretty hard to come by these days, so I appreciated the effort. But yeah, I sorta agree with the sentiment that as comic properties (note: not necessarily comics) go more and more mainstream, the less prominent channels are going to fold. Part of the effect is that following comic-based movies almost felt like a secret club at times. Now the latest news about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie are all over

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