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Neal Adams searching for valuable artwork left in taxi


Neal Adams could use a little help — well, a lot of help: The artist renowned for his work on such titles as Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow accidentally left two portfolios of original art in a New York City taxi, and he’s trying to get them back.

The New York Post reports the books were in a beige Bucky O’Hare bag left in the trunk of a yellow cab on Sept. 4. His daughter Kris Adams places their value at tens of thousands of dollars.

Adams’ studio is working closely with the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the New York Police Department to recover the portfolios. To that end, they’re distributing fliers with a sketch of the cab driver by Adams, and an image of the bag (below). They’ve also provided images of the art.

Anyone who has the portfolio, or knows their whereabouts, is asked to call 212.869.4170. A reward is being offered.





Kiss that portfolio goodbye. In most cases anything left in a NYC taxi is never recovered…

“Small commercial value…”?

I dont think so

Yo Yo Ma left his $2.5 million cello in a cab once too. Eventually he got it back. Wish I had that much money to loose.

Unf. Neal Adams artwork?

If I found it, I would be torn between my love for his art and my respect for him. Maybe if I returned it I could get him to draw Batman for me.

Michael A. Gonoude

September 26, 2013 at 9:05 pm

If the portfolios were left in the cab on September 4, why the hell did they wait this long to announce it? With communication speed what it is today with the internet, Neal should’ve begun spreading the word via iphone as soon as the cab drove away and he realized he’d left the damn things in its trunk. The longer he waited, the more he lessened the chance of their safe return. Some rich private collectors are probably bidding on them as I write this….

With Neal charging $125 for a tiny quick sketch at cons for fans, I guess this is karma. Neal has to draw all those commissions he left in the trunk all over again. A Bucky O’Hare bag? Ridiculous.

$125? That’s a Bargain at twice the price :)

I hope he gets his portfolios back.

With the $20 per signature he charges at conventions, I’m sure Neal will have more than enough money to make up for the lost art at New York Comic Con over 4 days.

The lesson is, whenever you enter a NYC cab (yellow or otherwise) HOLD YOUR BELONGINGS IN YOUR HAND AND ALWAYS CHECK THE CAB BEFORE YOU EXIT.

I know there are thousnds of peeps happy to hear this. Neil has treaty aspiring artists and fans like crap for years!!! I made a deal with his family for him to a signing at a Brooklyn shop I used to work for. After ordering heavy on the first 3 issues of Batman Odyssey I never heard from them or him again!

yup lol @ some of the comments

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