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Photo of the Day | The ‘A’ stands for ‘Airpower’

captain america-air force

You’ll be tempted to point out that Steve Rogers actually enlisted in the Army, or that luchador costumes violate some antiquated U.S. military regulation, but fight those impulses until you can fully appreciate that Air Force Chief of Staff Mark A. Welsh delivered an address on Tuesday while wearing a Captain America mask.

Wait, considering Welsh’s rank, shouldn’t that be General America? Whatever the case, Welsh didn’t want anyone to think the letter on his head stood for France: According to the Military Times, the general pointed to the letter and said, “A is for Airpower.”




Hey, at the time Steve enlisted, the Air Force wasn’t a separate service yet. It was still part of the Army.

So Welsh is just reaching back to their shared roots!


This is some Dr. Strangelove level buffonery, here.

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