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Remember that time Steve Rude drew the X-Men? Me neither


Steve Rude is a comics legend, both for his artwork and for his over-sized personality. But as I was reminiscing about his work while waiting for him to release something new, I came across a mysterious blind spot in my memory of the Dude: the time he drew the X-Men.

In 1999, Marvel put together Rude and writer Joe Casey for a throwback three-issue miniseries titled X-Men: Children of the Atom, which documented the recruitment of the original X-men by Charles Xavier. Out of print since 2001, this diamond in the rough is especially poignant now given the return of that era’s X-Men in All-New X-Men … but more generally because, well, Rude’s art is great.

Above is a commission Rude drew of the original team, and I’ve pulled together some of the covers from this forgotten (at least by me) miniseries, as well as some illustrations the artist has created with the team in the time since.




I love this series!! I collected it when it was coming out, and I still have all the single issues. :) *ponders a weekend re-read*

? — It was 5 issues, and someone else had to draw the last two issues. I had high hopes and they were dashed! Dashed, I tell you!

Actually, it was a six-issue mini-series. Rude completed the first three issues and cover for the fourth, but that fourth issue was drawn by Paul Smith, then the remainder of the series was drawn by Esad Ribic. It’s probably not well-remembered because of the creative shift breaking the artistic integrity of the series. Ribic’s stuff was decent, but it wasn’t Rude.

Actually, it was a 6 issue mini-series. Rude did the first 3 issues and a young Essad Ribic did the last 3. I was so disappointed that Rude didn’t finish this. I remember reading he had a disagreement with Marvel during this time, but that might have been a few years later. Great read. Very much a throwback in style and tone to the 1960s.

Dang it Cole, you beat me to the punch:) I forgot about Paul Smith doing issue 4.

Yup, guaranteed it’d be better remembered and probably in print (or at least reprinted since 2001) if Rude had been on time. Not as bad a comedown as Perez->Lim on Infinity Gauntlet, but crazy disappointing for someone who really didn’t care about the X-Men and was only buying the mini as a Rude fan.

I just dug this series out of the quarter boxes at a dealer show last year. Haven’t got around to reading it yet, though.

Then and now, this one lost me with the words “Joe Casey.”

Thank you so much for posting these (the group portrait is now my desktop backround) – a great tribute to The King in every way.

Weird timing. I just read the first 3 issues of this miniseries yesterday. Enjoyable retelling so far.

Rude doesn’t do the last 3 issues? That’s disappointing. What’s strange is that if you read it through the Marvel Unlimited app (as I did), there is no indication of who did the art or story.

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