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Rick Geary alphabetizes Obama conspiracies on Kickstarter


President Barack Obama is no stranger to comics, whether we’re talking about biographies, guest appearances in Archie or Amazing Spider-Man, fighting evil barbarian-style or even erotic manga.

Since Obama was first elected, it seems like the only thing the president has racked up more of than comic book appearances are conspiracy theories related to his life and beliefs — from the birther movement to that trip to Mars he took as a teenager. If you’re interested in either, or both, or just think Rick Geary is awesome (he is!), here’s the Kickstarter for you: Geary is putting together a 56-page hardcover collection of “far-fetched conspiracy theories that are floating around regarding President Barack Obama.”

Geary has a long list of credits over his 35-plus year career, with one of the many highlights being his Treasury of Murder series. In this book, he’ll be doing full-page illustrations of each conspiracy; for $25 you can get a copy of the book, while $300 gets you the original art from one of the pages. Check out a couple of them below.






This would have been more timely in 2011, a dozen scandals ago when people still thought Obama was a swell guy and that the NDAA, wire-tappings, AP hacking, PRISM, Benghazi-gate, using the IRS to target political enemies, Operation Fast and Furious, and helping al-Qaeda rebels take over Middle Eastern governments were mere “far-fetched” conspiracy theories.

Love this one! I’ll definitely chip in a couple bucks to make it happen. The nutjobs are having a field day with this guy, aren’t they? He’s everything from a goofy mythological figure to a “false flag” (LOL? LOL!) advocate to these idiots.

Turtleboy, many of those things are still nonsense.

penguintruth, sorry, but everything that Turtleboy mentioned happened. Have you just been tuning out of news for the past few months? Did you not hear about the thousands of servicepeople going to Twitter and declaring they wouldn’t go to Syria even if ordered to because the Syrian rebels’ leadership is Al Qaeda (google ” #IdidntJoin”)? Did you not hear the Obama Administration (and Republican politicians, too) whitewashing the NSA PRISM scandal? Remember how AG Eric Holder threw NSA whistleblower Snowden under the bus because he let Americans know exactly how their tax dollars were being abused by power-hungry bureaucrats? How about the war in Libya, which the President didn’t bother seeking congressional approval for, instead telling the American people he was supporting “rebels” there (i.e. more al Qaeda) because the U.N. demanded it.

Trust me, I’m with you in the sense that all of the conspiracies listed in this book, from David Icke’s fourth-dimensional reptoids to the FEMA “death camps,” are all complete hooey. However, just because some kooks are a vocal minority against Obama doesn’t mean anyone who speaks against this President should be painted with the same brush. If Turtleboy is American, I would bet that he tends to vote on the left side of things; I think he (like a lot of us) are sick of the blinders most people wear when dealing with this current administration. Obama needs to return that Nobel Peace Prize, the one they awarded to him before he actually took office – a U.S. president (unless it’s a retired Jimmy Carter building houses for the homeless) should never, ever be awarded such a distinction.

…oh, and Operation Fast and Furious is the biggest black mark on Barrack Obama and Eric Holder’s tenure IMO. They should have shut that down as soon as they found out the ATF was arming Mexican gangs with advanced weaponry in an idiotic “sting” operation that likely left thousands dead (on both sides of the border).

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