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Six more TV series we’d love to see revived as comics

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Seeing films and television series adapted as comic books is nothing new, but in the past decade we’ve experienced a new phenomenon in which canceled TV shows are finding a second life, and a second chance, in comics form. In many cases, these properties pick up right where their television runs left off, such as in Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight and IDW Publishing’s recent X-Files launch. So with that in mind, we turn to six other beloved genre shows that deserve a comic-book revival.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

“Oh, boy.” It’s the trademark line from this classic late ’80s/early ’90s NBC series that starred Scott Bakula as a time-hopping (and body-hopping) quantum physicist tasked with putting right what once went wrong. Created by Donald P. Bellisario (Magnum P.I., Airwolf, NCIS), Quantum Leap ran for five seasons before its finale in 1993 but there’s been talk of a revival on numerous occasions by the star and the creator. But what if this series, which had a short-lived comic series from Innovation running concurrent to the original show, found a new home in comics? It would seem a perfect avenue for this sci-fi themed drama, either with one-and-done stories in each issue or small self-contained arcs taking Bakula’s Dr. Sam Beckett through time.


Xena: Warrior Princess

This Lucy Lawless-led series was a staple of the late ’90s, the product of Sam Raimi and Tapert’s uber-successful foray into syndicated television. But after six seasons, this warrior princess found her end in 2001 — much to fans’ regrets. Unlike the others on this list, Xena: Warrior Princess has had multiple adaptations in comics — most recently by Dynamite in 2006 — but none of them hitched their wagons directly to the TV series and its storylines. Much in the same way Buffy the Vampire Slayer was flagging before Joss Whedon returned to the franchise with Season Eight, imagine if Tapert and Raimi came back to Xena in a big way and kicked off a new era — and hey, maybe we could get some Autolycus with it.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

At first it might not seem like a concept conducive to comics, but if you think about the idea of a strange town with even stranger residents and an overarching mystery, it seems right at home alongside the likes of Morning Glories. Launched in 1990 by David Lynch and Mark Frost, Twin Peaks was (and is) a critical darling. The series was cut short at two seasons after some studio finagling, but there’s been talk over the years of a comeback. At one point in 2007, show producer Bob Engels worked with artist Matt Haley on a graphic novel to act as a companion piece for a Twin Peaks boxed set, chronicling the town some 10 years later, but Lynch shot down that idea.

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Ookla the Mok!

Yeah, I had the idea for the Twin Peaks comic around the time the Buffy comic came out. Briefly looked into buying the rights, but it’s a quagmire.

A Thundarr comic would be awesome and I’ve always been puzzled why one has never happened in all these years, given its cult status among my age group…

Speaking of other cartoons I grew up with, I’d buy the heck out of a comic based on Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (and set in that self-contained universe, not the proper Marvel U) or a Dungeons & Dragons comic featuring the cartoon characters.

I’d also love to see a Buck Rogers comic that picks up after season 1 of the Gil Gerard/Erin Gray series, ignoring the “space adventurer” season 2 that dropped many of the best elements of the show’s first season…

Quantum Leap would be a good as a comic. You could have standard 3 issue story arcs that would give a clear and easy story to follow and maybe a large story arc within to follow.

With Xena, I would like to see it if it scrapped 90% of the story it built up on tv. Start the comic where she first met Hercules and certain mainstays of season one but then just go wherever the creators want to take it. It’s been a decent amount of time since it went off the air and I doubt most fans would go rabid over continuity.

I would add Highlander The Series to the list. Ignore the movies, existing comics and the dreadful last season and even the second to last season. Have Duncan go back to fighting evil immortals and maybe even take something from Starman’s comics and have the occasional “Times Past” that would dedicate entire issues to Duncan in the past.

Batman 66 is doing it, so why not bring back Star Trek the Animated Series to comics. If it hasn’t already at some point. Let it ignore everything that came after it (TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT and whatever movies and reboots) and just focus on the fun of exploring the universe with cat women and whatever took Chekov’s place at the helm. I personally would love to see a comic take a crack at “Yesteryear”.

I would LOVE to see more Hana-Barbera action adventure stuff get turned into comics (not unlike DC’s rather weird-ass Space Ghost series from a while back). In particular, I’d like to see Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt.

BUT, the series I’d most like to see brought back as comics would be Beverly Hills 90210, 90210, Primeval, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (I have no idea how that would even be possible, but it would be fun to read them try). Because those are the best shows that have been canceled. As long as they were GOOD comics continuing the shows, and not BAD comics, because, in cases like these, bad comics are worse than no comics.

I waver between wanting a continuation in comics or novels, but Carnivàle would, I think, be a good candidate.

Freaks and Geeks was all about change (if you go by what they had planned for season 2) so keeping the kids the same age would go against the show’s core, but damn, it would be a fun series to age them out til the end of high school.

I’d like to know what happened to the Pushing Daisies comic. And while we’re at it, why oh why isn’t there a Dead Like Me series.

And what about classic shows? Especially the more fantastical ones you could do more with in the absence of budgetary concerns. Like the Addams Family, the Munsters, Lost In Space, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched (or even the continuing adventures of Samantha, all grown up and out there on her own), Mork and Mindy, or the most obvious of them all, waiting to be turned in to comics – Arabian Knights, from the Banana Splits Show.

I realise some of those had comics back in the day, but hey – comics are cool now. Bandwagon! ;)

I would be all over a new Quantum Leap comic. I have the Innovation run, which was actually pretty good, and it’s still my all-time favorite show. And Thundarr would be perfect as a comic.

I would love to see Exo-Squad and Sliders brought back as comics, if only to give them proper finales (since both ended on cliffhangers). For the art side of things on each book, I would put Tom Grummet on the Exo-Squad book (since his art style is similar to that of the cartoon’s) and Will Sliney from the current Fearless Defenders series on the Sliders book. For those who watched it, you’ll recall that in the final episode, Rembrandt Brown, injected with a virus designed to kill the Kromagg aliens, slides to what hopefully is Earth-Prime, with the rest of his companions wondering what to do. In regards to the Sliders book, the main plot would be of the remaining Sliders at the time (Kari Whurer’s Maggie Beckett, Tembi Locke’s Diana Palmer, and Robert Floyd’s double of Quinn Mallory) trying to slide to Earth-Prime to join Rembrandt, while in a backup feature Rembrandt himself has landed on Earth-Prime and joined up with a resistance movement in an effort to weaponize the virus.

*Diana Davis, not Palmer, sorry.

@ Caana-, “Dead Like Me” Great choice!

@Acer- Sliders sooo deserves a good ending. If it is only in comic book form.

Oh, I’d also love a Highlander comic series based on the tv series! The last season and a half did suck so just forget that part. And also a continuation of the Highlander Raven series as well.

Even though the recent publishing attempt has lapsed, I would really like to see the original DARK SHADOWS published again.

The last publisher was too locked in to the 4 issue story arc. Add to that, they crossed the property over with Vampirella and it was a ‘fail’.

I want a publisher that really respects the source material. I think it would work best as graphic novels. Start from where the original series ended and continue from there.

Jack Kirby also deserves a bunch of credit for the look of Thundarr, as he designed a bunch of the series apart from Toth’s designs for the three leads.

And I’ve always thought the 80s cops vs. mobsters show Crime Story would make for a great comic, especially given the recent crime comic renaissance–Brubaker and Philips could work wonders on Lt. Mike Torello, Ray Luca and their respective crews waging war across 1960s Chicago, Las Vegas and beyond. Plus, the original series ended on the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law!

Just remembered there was supposed to be a Pushing Daisies comic a few years ago. Whatever happened to that? I would love to have read that…

How about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3? The second season ended on a cliffhanger, with John traveling into the future. I’d love to see a conclusion, at least, to that storyline.

@Tom Hunter- the current DARK SHADOWS comes directly from the source material and does pick up after the ending of the show. Issue 20 is coming out soon.
Dynamite even has a 6 issue ‘Year One’ detailing how Barnabas became a vampire.

As for another show turned comic… there is only one that I’ve ever wanted:

Where is that Pushing Daisies comic promised years ago?

I vote for Bakersfield PD drawn by Duncan Fegredo.

Valiant revived Mighty Samson a while back, which was a 60s predacessor to Thundarr–but somehow it lacked the gusto of the latter. It’s hard to believe there isn’t a Thundarr revival going on right now, given how popular dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories and games are these days.

Talk about missed opportunities!!

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