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The War on Terror comes to Las Vegas in ‘Drones’


The United States may be fighting the “War on Terror” in locations around the globe, many of our nation’s drone pilots operate from the relative comfort of two Air Forces bases near the entertainment hotspot of Las Vegas, Nevada. But in Drones, the front line shifts to the Strip as two Predator operators see their killing machines come back to haunt them amid the glitz and glamor of Sin City.

“In addition to our two drone operators,” writer Chris Lewis says,”  we have a pancake-loving terrorist turned playwright, a loveable expert in improvised explosive devices, five well dressed assassins, a goat who just might know a thing or two about kung fu, an acrobatic Special Forces troupe called the Cirque du SEALs, surveillance up the wazoo, and a new kind of poppy that’s going to blow some minds.”

Lewis is joined by long-time artist Bruno Oliveira, who is doing some eye-catching work that’s bound to win over fans.

Drones was originally serialized online and sold in printed form at conventions, but their plan now is to collect the five issues into a trade paperback, and they’re using Kickstarter to make it happen. Lewis is looking to raise $3,000 for the collection,, and is offering a variety of rewards for backers from original art, lettering services, and even commissions by Oliviera.


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Thanl’s so much, Chris Arrant!! And actually, you may not remember, but one of my first work to an american client was for you! Drawing 6 pages (I think) of a family of super-heroes.
At the time, my style was very different, but It was amazigly fun for me!!

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