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‘Walking Dead’ gets ‘sassy’ with Rick Grimes Halloween costume


There’s a long and embarrassing history of “sexy” Halloween costumes for women — y’know, a sexy pirate instead of simply a pirate, a sexy devil instead of simply a devil, and so on. But with a new licensed costume for The Walking Dead, that tradition has either been propelled to a new level of absurdity or turned on its head. I haven’t figured it out yet. is selling … wait for it … an official “Walking Dead Sassy Rick Grimes Women’s Costume.” Yes, sassy Rick Grimes. Because if any word can capture the spirit of The Walking Dead‘s protagonist, it’s sassy. The outfit consists of a fitted shirt, skirt, hat with badge, badge pin and belt, which, for all I know, may actually make an appearance in the fourth season of the hit AMC drama. It undoubtedly will be the sassiest of all the seasons.

I’m hoping somewhere there are male fans of The Walking Dead who are feeling sassy enough to go out dressed as Sassy Rick Grimes. Granted, they’ll probably be mistaken for a  machete-wielding Lt. Jim Dangle, but still … sassy!

And if you’re looking for a Rick Grimes costume for a child, oh, say age 5 to 7, don’t worry: Toys “R” Us has you covered (see the package below).

Photo by Stephen Gerding

Photo by Stephen Gerding

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I have to say I don’t like either one. Who let’s their kid watch ” The Walking Dead”? As for the “adult” costume, i don’t have anything against sexy halloween costumes but this one doesn’t make any sense.

I “cross dress” as the Fourth Doctor, but I certainly don’t do sexy (not this grandma, anyway). Cross-gender costumes are fine, but I don’t like them “sexed up.” And I found it disturbing enough that my 6th graders last year were watching “The Walking Dead.” These costumes – yecchh.

The grossest part of the entire outfit? The tacky ankleboots. BARF!

im totally going to be a Walking dead character for halloween! i wonder if they will have a Daryl character costume haha. my favorite actor would have to be Norman Reedus. I cant wait to meet and see him at the red carpet DVD release party in Santa Monica for Hello Herman. This was also a great movie and great acting by the one and only Norman Reedus! I found and bought my tickets to the event on for anyone else who would like to go.

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