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Wizard World adds seven cities, from Atlanta to Tulsa

wizard worldWizard World has announced the addition of seven cities to its 2014 convention schedule, bringing the total to 15. The company, which trumpets the lineup as “the largest Comic Con Tour ever,” suggests there also may be “room for additional expansion.”

The new cities are: Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; Minneapolis; Richmond, Virginia; Sacramento, California; San Antonio, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’ll join returning shows in Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio.

Noticeably absent from that list is New York City, which played host in June to the newly rebranded Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience.

“Our mantra has been, ‘Give the fans a great experience, give the celebrities and creators a great experience, take care of our exhibitors, and eveyone will want to come back,'” Wizard World Chairman and CEO John Macaluso said in a statement. “We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to all our 2013 events, both first-year and existing shows, that it was obvious what the fans were telling us – ‘We want more!’”

In 2011, following the closing of Wizard and ToyFare magazines and its emergence as a publicly traded company, Wizard World briefly boasted as many as 12 conventions, a number that was quickly whittled down to six.

Here’s the upcoming Wizard World lineup:

Wizard World 2013 Schedule
• Sept. 20-22 – Wizard World Ohio Comic Con
• Oct. 18-20 – Wizard World Nashville Comic Con
• Nov. 22-24 – Wizard World Austin Comic Con

Wizard World 2014 Schedule
• Jan. 24-26 – Wizard World Portland Comic Con
• Feb. 7-9 – Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con
• March 7-9 – Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con
• March 28-30 – Wizard World Louisville Comic Con
• April 4-6 – Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con
• May 2-4 – Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con
• May 30-June 1 – Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con
• June 19-22 – Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con
• Aug. 1-3 – Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con
• Aug. 21-24 – Wizard World Chicago Comic Con
• Sept. 12-14 – Wizard World Richmond Comic Con
• Sept. 26-28 – Wizard World Nashville Comic Con
• Oct. 11-12 – Wizard World Austin Comic Con
• Oct. 31-Nov. 2 – Wizard World Ohio Comic Con
• Nov. 7-9 – Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con



Lame that Wizard decides to butt their con right up against Springcon here in Minnesota. Seems like a pretty dick move. I’m voting with my wallet and staying local. Hopefully others do too.

Overwhelmingly positive reaction? They must not have been listening to anything people said of Wizard World Chicago this year…

While I enjoyed the Wizard con I went to (the first in St. Louis), I find this comment…

“We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to all our 2013 events, both first-year and existing shows, that it was obvious what the fans were telling us – ‘We want more!’”

…to be really silly. Their “fans” don’t want more cons…how many of them go to more than one? They’re kind of all the same con plus or minus some regional guests, so there’s really no point in going on multiple stops of the “tour.”

Cincinnati comics Expo goes head to head with Wizard-Mid-Ohio– next year–Admission differences and
super high table costs may sour many dealers, artists, and fans. Columbus is not San Diego.

Jason, Wizard is like a traveling circus. Almost all their shows are regional with the exception of a couple so they don’t rely on the same person going to multiple stops.

With that many shows they are bound to step on some toes but maybe that will force other conventions to step up their game.

Everyone trashes Wizard for who they used to be because this is an industry that never forgets or forgives, but the fact is the average attendee that goes to their shows enjoys them and doesn’t know the history. If they can get more people to pick up a comic or hop on the pop culture band wagon then why is that a bad thing?

I guess it just comes down to, who cares anymore.

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