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Wonder Woman battles gunmen, mythical monster in new fan film

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There have been a few Wonder Woman fan films in recent months, and while they’re generally well-made considering their shoe-string budgets, they tend to gloss over the character’s mythological elements and focus on her more grounded attributes. In short, undoubtedly due in large part to money, she’s reduced to a skilled fighter who can deflect bullets and kick the butts of generic gunmen (or Nazis).

But in the new short by Rainfall Films, we’re given a Wonder Woman of two worlds — one who confronts a minotaur (at least I think that’s what it is) on Themyscira and … kicks the butts of generic gunmen, only this time on the streets of a city in flames. The tone and technique have already been compared to Zack Snyder’s 300, and that seems fair, considering that green screens play heavily in both. And anyone who may be involved with the mythical Wonder Woman feature film or television revival might want to take notes when it comes to the costume.

“In the case of Wonder Woman, I feel like the costume is just as iconic as the character,” Rileah Vanderbilt, who played Wonder Woman in the short, writes on her blog. “You can’t have one without the other as we’ve seen in other incarnations of this hero.  Sure, the spandex bodysuit works well in the comics, but how does that translate to live action?  Well, it really doesn’t.  So, Heather Greene our wonderfully talented costume designer designed a functional costume that still kept true to the feel of it’s predecessors.  Not only did she create an updated realistic version of the costume, but she kept in mind the balance between Diana in Themyscira and Wonder Woman in our world.”

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Lazarus Pit Foreman

September 30, 2013 at 1:12 pm

That was incredible! Hands down…the best interpretation of Wonder Woman “on film” I’ve seen yet. Love the costume. The only thing is this was too short, I was wanting more when it ended!

I really enjoyed this, too. The film maker really got into why Wonder Woman is so difficult to make: You want her to fight both mythological threats and modern world threats, and most people think it is a choice of one or the other. Costume was great, actress looked great. If you are continuing to do more, I think a live action fight with Wonder Woman and a 50 foot Giganta would be amazing.

They really nailed the Snyder visual aesthetic. I’d love to see some actual scripted scenes.

I’m sure that budgetary constraints explain why we usually see WW fighting regular guys as though she’s a female Captain America. But DC has elevated her to Superman-level powers and seeing her punch and kick guys with guns seems like a disservice at this point. Do we want to see a powered-down Wonder Woman if Superman is still flying around lifting mountains?

You notice there was NO Hermes chicken feet Nu52 BS in tat short! Fix your boos DC before you even think of a movie!!!!!!

The current WW IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Nice job Rainfall. The visuals were stunning and the plotting was great. Now if only DC would give independent productions like this a chance, we might actually get a decent DC live action movie from them.

Yeah I know it would be a big risk hand to your potential billion dollar franchise out to a relatively unknown company but the big boys have lately shown a lack of originality which has hurt them. Maybe it’s time to roll the dice and let a hungry smaller studio have a crack at it.

Wow. This video was better than the whole movie of dark knight rises.

Not much actual narrative/entertainment value in there (which is often the case with these things) but at least this one demonstrated some decent VFX facility. If nothing else, it might make a nice portfolio piece.

Okay. So what do you do for the other 90+ minutes?

Definitely see some Snyder influence in that.

Nicely done, but I agree with Dekko. The scenes of WW fighting the armed men really vastly underestimate the character’s physical power and speed, which are equivalent to that of Superman. She’s putting far too much effort into it.

Visually, it’s well done and the flying scene at the end is great.

The Snyder-esque visuals actually kill it for me. Too much slow motion. They should have sped up the scenes where she beats up the random shooters.

This was incredible! I love it.

Derek Metaltron

October 1, 2013 at 6:02 am

This is the Wonder Woman (or Carol’s Captain Marvel for that matter) I wanna see. A powerhouse who feels bad ass and yet totally feminine at the same time. When they finally get round to a WW film after JL take stock of this, DC.

I agree w/Dekko and Clinton Lowe above.

Neat to look at; interpretation of WW herself — costume & casting aside — didn’t quite hit the mark.

Great video! With hollywood special effects added, it could be an awesome one! I hope someone gets this in the hands of DC/Warner Brothers.

DC will manage to ^%$#@! this up, just look at the NU52!!!!!!!!

chicken feet Hermes!!! What a disasster!!!!!!!!

I’m usually very harsh when it comes to ANYTHING WONDER WOMAN that isn’t Lynda Carter. I have to say…. This was worth watching. I hope it becomes a movie. Thanks for sharing…

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