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‘Airwolf’ and ‘Knight Rider’ digital comics arrive


The first issues of Lion Forge Comics’ digital revivals of 1980s TV dramas Airwolf and Knight Rider are now available for download from iVerse Media’s Comics Plus app.

Announced in July, the agreement between the St. Louis-based company and NBCUniversal Television also includes comic based on Miami Vice, Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell.

Written by David Gorden and illustrated by Koi Turnbull, Airwolf is described as a “fresh take” on the 1984-1987 espionage adventure, which centered on a high-tech military helicopter piloted by Stringfellow Hawke (played by Jan-Michael Vincent) that was sent on dangerous international missions.

Based on the David Hasselhoff action-adventure series, Knight Rider follows crime fighter Michael Knight and KITT ((Knight Industries Two Thousand), the autonomous, artificially intelligent Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with which he’s partnered. The comic is written by Geoffrey Thorne and drawn by Jason Johnson.Miami Vice, Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell are set to debut within the next two months.





Looks like the helicopter from the old MASK cartoon and action figure line. Switchblade, I think it was? #fail

My god can you stop whining and bitching about EVERYTHING just for one fricking moment? Why is the internet always so full of negativity towards EVERYTHING new? You make me sick.

This is an AWESOME idea. Just be happy these amazing classics are back and we get to experience new stories with them. I am currently re-watching the entire Knight Rider series and so this is just awesome to me.

That looks NOTHING like the Switchblade, you stupid troll.

RegularSyzed Mike

October 16, 2013 at 11:52 am

Don’t you EVER talk about Miles Mayhem’s ride like that AGAIN!

Does this mean my dreams of a comic revival of Manimal and The Man from Atlantis may finally come true???
zing! Now watch this happen, and I won’t see a penny of it!!! D’oh!!!

Wow. I’m a huge fan of Airwolf from way back, and this looks pretty awful. The original copter was designed by a guy named Andrew Probert, and it was a thing of beauty. This new Airwolf design is poor.

why does she look like a plane with copter blades on it?? …what the hell!!! ..thats NOT airwolf. looks like the x-mens black-bird with hell blades. disgusting. stick to the original, or don’t expect me to sell out money for it. eewwww. …this appeals to older audiences. cater to them or don’t expect bank. not everything needs to be redone. just do it the way the show had it, and make a few continuity changes like keeping dom & string alive, and retconning the bro taking over later. if ya have to add sinjin in, then make him a supporting cast member, with string being the main hero.

SUPERMAN died september 2011

October 16, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Hate when comics do licenced propeties and the characters dont resemble the actors at all. Makes the material pointless no matter how good the art is.

I think it’s a mistake for Lion Forge to launch without Comixology support. But I’ll buy these as soon as they become available on an app I can access.

I like it looks dangerous and top secret the old design was hot for the 80s this is and update awesome…..

people stop complaining about the helicopter its awesome to have airwolf back with string and dom come on people….. enjoy it

knight rider always rocks and kicks ass the network always kills the show with adding stuff to the car in the old show it was super pursuit mode and the convertible mode. the mustang was awesome it could do no wrong for me until they took the pilot attack mode and turned it into a dam drag car I gess that was the higher ups. the show was great for me I was a big fan I loved it and the cast was great

That Airwolf redesign is way off base. It’s tough trying to beat the original take, kinda like the Countach, it’s perfect. Do those winglets even fold in or something?

I just downloaded “Knight Rider” & I will say that this series is off to an impressive start & I look forward to many more of the upcoming future issues.

I look forward to.

I’m a fan of both Airwolf and Knight Rider (especially KNIGHT RIDER) and I gotta say: Knight Rider, might just go a long way providing that they keep the interesting as well as the art getting a little better. Airwolf ……..let’s face it, the “new” Airwolf helicopter is an INSULT to the original. I found a picture on Google of another reimagined Airwolf that is basically an update to the original and IS HELL OF ALOT BETTER (I only wish I could show you all the pic). This one looks like a Matchbox toy and is not as mysterious looking as the original (you know with no missiles showing) . Cancel the series while you’re ahead and START OVER. What this company should do is create comic series of these classics in their original storylines. That would FUCKING AWESOME!

Sorry for the typos.

You know about revivals, I find it funny that Battlestar Galactica was remade and it was one of those love it or hate it scenarios. Yet; with that being said too, most folks either didn’t know there was an original Battlestar Galactica, or just wanted to forget the original

Now onto Airwolf,

First, the redesign in my opinion makes it an over designed fast attack/stealth/ helicopter. For me in the world of action/technical/science fiction? So AH-66 Comanche. It’s a been there and done that look for a helicopter. For this comic that’s like the Knight 3000 from the 2008 Knight Rider. Overly done to appeal to both the old and new generations with both flashy special effects and subliminal FORD advertising with all the vehicles it could transform into with the thanks to “nano technology”. For me here again with Airwolf jet turned into a helicopter, with the design idea of the AH-66 Comanche, and the influences of the MI-24 Hind. Totally Old School and therefore fail.

Second now, Airwolf in the original was called “The Lady” for a damn good reason. She was streamlined, ahead of her time, and most of all even though she was a jet copter on a technicality, she also was a concealed jet copter. If anything MASK might have taken some influences from Airwolf or vice versa in that matter. With that being said this idea is like the T-850 from Terminator: Rise of the Machines. Ideally comic and reboot wise, an “obsolete unit”. So overall take this one back to the drawing board design wise.

Third, with all the negative criticism I give the idea it is possible too to see a really good reboot. With the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq both. It is possible to see this kind of story be adapted to the modern times as well. So lets say Stringfellow being a veteran pilot plus a veteran of the Vietnam War. It is possible to see this adapted to modern times and maybe have it that the FIRM itself could have their hands even more dirty in more covert operations. So overall the idea is not that bad to pursue but for Airwolf the design is obsolete. But don’t worry, “She’ll be back!” XD

On a side note while the helicopter doesn’t exactly seem to fit for an up to date version of Airwolf it might actually work for Blue Thunder. :P

The entire idea about Airwolf was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, this is a tiger. But what do I know–I’m just an Airwolf fan. I don’t understand why they couldn’t do a “Classic Airwolf” and a “Ignore the patch logo Airwolf” like Dynamite did for Battlestar Galactica (which I am a fan of too).

They did Knight Rider very well, mainly because they drew KITT as it was originally.

Knight rider is the best show in the world

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