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‘Badman vs. Superman’ in hilarious new Pete Holmes video


Pete Holmes is on a superhero streak this week: After giving Logan his walking papers as Professor X in “Ex-Men: Wolverine,” the comedian returns to his periodic College Humor role as a dimwitted, foul-mouthed, Bale-voiced Badman in “Batman vs. Superman.”

This time, he’s approached by the Man of Steel to put their differences aside and work together, a proposition that perplexes the Dark Knight.

“Why?” Badman responds. “I have no special powers. […] My main nemesis is Bane, basically just a ‘roided-out jock with a gas mask, and he straight-up broke my back. You coulda taken him down with one hand, and with the other hand you could’ve just jerked him.”

However, it’s not all humor at Batman’s expense; Superman takes a few hits, too, particularly once Commissioner Gordon arrives. Needless to say, the video probably isn’t exactly safe for work.



Sorry, but nothing Pete Holmes does can be qualified as “hilarious.” (At least now I know who’s behind College Humor’s unfunny Batman spoofs.) The ads for his new show on TBS are some of the unfunniest ads I’ve ever seen for a television show.

This was not funny in any way shape or form.

Matter of opinion. I know that for myself there have been some parts of hos batman spoofs where myself, friends and family have lost complete control with laughter. Stupid and funny can, and usually do, go hand in hand. I will be the first to admit this is some stupid $h! T

Completely no funny.

Wow, that was horribly lame.
Guess I won’t be watching The Pete Holmes Show.

The Badman videos are hit and miss for me. I loved the ones with Scarecrow, Bane and Talia, and The Penguin.

Funny stuff. If you can’t laugh at the inherent silliness of superheroes then you are taking the genre way, way too seriously. Chill out and laugh.

The “hope” crack was priceless…

@ joe35, you really need to learn how to form a readable sentence with remedial grammar.

“That was unfunny,” say super cool commentators who are too cool to laugh at thing

This…was lame.

I laughed tons. Pete Holmes is fantastic. “What’s this stand for? ‘Gratitude’?”

For a completely free of charge video on the internet, that was funny enough for me!

As lame as Pete’s standup. Mildly amusing near the end, but mostly throwaway, recycled jokes you could here 12 year olds tell around the comic shop.

lol pretty hilarious

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