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Ben Oliver’s Avengers: Earth’s Most Adorable Li’l Heroes


I’m a sucker for pint-sized versions of superheroes, ranging from Skottie Young’s “baby” Marvel variants  to Dustin Nguyen’s Li’l Gotham to Art Baltazar and Franco’s Tiny Titans, but my new favorite may be Ben Oliver‘s adorable “little” take on the big-screen Avengers.

When ROBOT 6 contributor Tim O’Shea spotted some of the illustrations on Cully Hamner’s Facebook page, he contacted Oliver, who was kind enough to send them our way. In his email, Oliver said this is the set “so far,” which I hope means we’ll be treated to child-sized renditions of Loki, Hawkeye and Agent Coulson.

The art is, of course, terrific (don’t dwell too long on the idea of kids with facial hair; that way lies madness), but it’s Oliver’s perfect and hilarious word balloons that will win over even the most stonehearted superhero fan.









Lovely! Such great expressions. Hopefully he’ll get around to doing Hawkeye, Hill, and Coulson too!

I love it but where’s Hawkeye? I forgot, he wasn’t in The Avengers….much. But I’d love to see a Marvel Universe comic like this. I remember they did something for A vs. X.

Hawkeye WAS in the Avengers, just not in a costume per se.

Am I the only one who finds these really creepy?

@ D you’re right you’re the only one………

I don’t care for them.

you gonna delete that one too?

These are fantastic!

@D, The “creep” factor is part of what makes them so entertaining.

The Hawkeye one on Oliver’s page is fantastic.

eu achei muito fofo eles

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