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Brian Stelfreeze redesigns DC’s Crime Syndicate for fun


Brian Stelfreeze is a well-known cover artist, with runs on DC Comics’ Batman, Birds of Prey, Firestorm, Shadow of the Bat and others, but that immense skill often overshadows another of his talents: superhero costume design. Very early in his career he created what has become the seminal Nightwing, and he recently did some more DC character redesigns — but this time for fun.

For the past few weeks, Stelfreeze has been drawing redesigns of DC’s Crime Syndicate of America and posting them on a Yahoo! Group devoted to his work. The idea came about when Stelfreeze was talking to his friend Robert Jewell about the comics they grew up with, and they pinpointed an issue of Justice League of America they read as kids that focused on the Crime Syndicate. With the Crime Syndicate getting new life in DC’s current Forever Evil, Jewell and Stelfreeze thought it’d be fun for the artist to redesign these classic characters. Using notes from Jewell and members of the Yahoo! Group, Stelfreeze took on these characters and developed his own takes on them — with amazing results.



Power Ring


Johnny Quick



More imaginative and a lot more personality than Ultraman snorting kryptonite like he was on a super-powered version of Breaking Bad. Wish DC’s creative guys would lean more in the direction of Stelfreeze or Cooke for character designs rather than whatever looks like an Image book from 1992.

That’s not bad…

Very nice work as always.

Any sign of Day Men #2 on the horizon though?

Those look fantastic.


Very nice work as always.

Any sign of Day Men #2 on the horizon though?

I was thinking the same thing for the past 2-3 months.

I love these. I mean absolutely LOVE these! I especially love the aestehic changes of not trying to make them exact evil counterparts. Like that Power Ring has long blonde hair, and Superwoman is black! The costume choices are all great, but Owlman, and Ultraman are defintiely tops, with Johnny Quick in third.

I think these are better than the designs DC currently has for the characters. That’s probably the best Ultraman design I’ve ever scene. The Owlman is pretty awesome as well. The others are take it or leave it, but I like that Superwoman is black and the vanity that exudes from that Power Ring. I actually think Johnny Quick is a little too understated, but that still beats the mess he currently has in Forever Evil where it’s needlessly complex.

This blows away what we got in the New 52.

Ultraman’s outfit reflects his own ego and self importance, Owlman showing himself to be such a 180 from Batman that he’s carrying a massive gun, Power Man looking like such a narcissist, Superwoman resembling Pam Grier is an excellent touch, and I love the simplified look for Quick.

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