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ComiXology is connecting with female audience

comixology-imageOut of all of the comiXology announcements made in the past few days — and there have been few — this one stands to make the biggest impact: Female readership has increased dramatically since the digital-comics platform launched in 2007.

TechHive reports that six years ago, women represented less than 5 percent of comiXology users; now that figure has rocketed to 20 percent. What’s more, the company knows exactly who this reader is: “She’s 17-26 years old, college-educated, lives in the suburbs, and is new to comics. She prefers Tumblr to Reddit. She may have never even picked up a print comic.”

(Perhaps then it’s no coincidence that comiXology abandoned its long-running blog, and launched a very active one in July on Tumblr.)

ComiXology followed the data this morning with the release of an informational graphic (below) breaking down more — if far less substantial — findings from its customer survey: For example, 55 percent of respondents read digital comics on the toilet; amd only one-quarter say they’ve downloaded comics illegally.

That readership information arrives just two weeks after the company announced it has surpassed 200 million downloads — a number made even more impressive when you consider it took three years to reach the 100-million milestone, but just a year to double that. In that time, comiXology opened a Paris branch (leading to distribution agreements with French publishers Delcourt, Glénat and a dozen others, and, just this week, Viz Media Europe), struck partnerships with Seven Seas, UDON, Scholastic’s Graphix imprint and (again, just this week) Avatar Press, and expanded its deal with DC Comics.

It seems likely we’ll see more comiXology readership statistics revealed today New York Comic Con during the ICv2 on Conference on Comics and Digital.




I liked the potty question, since I filled out the survey while on the potty.

Love seeing graphs! Fun stuff. And as for apocalyptic films and comics, shameless plug for my book Post Apocalyptic Nick!

The most encouraging stat is the last one. I think if you create an enjoyable way to deliver and view great content at an affordable price people will support it.

This is pretty cool info although I’m eager to see more detailed data like genres that sell the best on Comixlogy? How has Submit performed in relationship to other independent comics? Manga performance (surely their worst market performance considering lack of Viz).

Kinda sad that 20% is a victory for the diversification of comics readership, but hey! A victory!

What? Women don’t like going into a comic book store?

Unless they’re all child prodigies, I wonder how many “college-educated” readers Comixology can have between the ages of 17 and 21, gender aside. Just sayin’. :)

Well it’s a 300% relative increase in the demo. Comixology’s readership it self has increased, so actual growth might be a whole lot bigger. Glass half-full people.

All I can say is that the Comixology reader is so good, and comics look so great on my Kindle, that I’ll never read another paper comic again.

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