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Daniel Acuna illustrates 6-foot Avengers 50th anniversary poster


It’s the Avengers’ 50th anniversary, and Marvel has a big plan for Avengers #24.NOW, also known as Avengers #1 for the purposes of All-New Marvel NOW! (It’s confusing, I know. Just go with it.). To celebrate the milestone in December, the publisher plans to sell a special polybagged edition of Avengers #24.NOW and bundle it with a “Avengers 50th Anniversary Mega Fold-Out Poster” that’s more than 6 feet wide. For the curious, that’s about 11 comic pages stacked end to end.

Illustrated by Daniel Acuna, the poster features Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from across the team’s 50 years, including mainstays like Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, newer additions like Wolverine, Spider-Man and the Thing, and even members of the Dark Avengers, like Ares.

See the full poster below. Avengers #24.NOW goes on sale Dec. 14.




Is there any info as to whether this polybagged w/ poster version is still going to be $3.99? I also heard a rumor that all the “.NOW” numbered issues would include digital copies of the whole first arc of each comic. Is that true, as well? Because I wouldn’t mind trying out some things I haven’t read yet (like maybe Nova or one of the X-Force titles) if I can get caught up. Anybody know any info about this stuff at all?

Just looked at the Marvel Previews and it has no mention of the poster and does say that the digital is #24 and volume 1 Avengers World.

This is a terrible poster. It’s just a bunch of unconnected stock figures with costumes. A glorified sketch pad. Yes, the figures are photo-realistic, but who cares?
Can you remotely imagine Jack Kirby generating something so static, so banal? Or Gene Colan? Or John Buscema? Or George Perez?
There’s so much more to dynamic comic art than tracing photos.

There appears to be a major error here. Where is Gilgamesh?

He’s the Forgotten One. What did you expect?

no original guardians that sucks…(and yes they were members at one point back during the Korvac Saga).

LOL! And people say the New 52 is bad? LOL! Marvel restarts their comics every year now it’s ridiculous!

Gilgamesh appears on the right of the image behind Captain Mar-vell

Where’s Magdalene? I can’t see her, but I do see Swordsman II, Masque and Deathcry. Magdalene should be there too.


Above Winter Soldier.

They did not put Living Lightning. lol Fury Jr was never an avenger unless you disregard the secret team created by Shield without the knowledge and permission of the Avengers.

And although they put some honorary members (Yellowjacket, Deathcry, Magdalene, Marrina, Swordsman alternative and Masque) they forgot to others as Rick Jones, the original Guardians of the Galaxy and Flux.

Who is the woman in red behind wolverine?

Is Luke Cage in there? I can’t find him…

D’oh! He’s next to the Winter Soldier, right?

@ William: Good question. I thought it might be Firestar. Because of the glasses and the red hair. But I sure don’t know this outfit.

Pff, it’s Julia Carpanter now known as Madame Web …


Living Lightning is behind Wonder Man

Got mine at 3rd store, allegedly 1:25 but only big mall store received variants and I hit all 3 soon after opening after overnight shift. Cannot quarrel at price after about 20 years of all assembled.

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