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Dark Horse Digital scares up one-day horror sale


In celebration of Halloween, Dark Horse is offering 50 percent off more than 800 digital horror titles — for today only.

Given the publisher’s penchant for horror, the selection is pretty extensive, ranging from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hellboy families to The Strain and The Goon. There’s even a bit of manga — they include MPD-Psycho, Hellsing and two of my favorites, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and Mail — in the mix. So prepare to browse and browse. No specific ending time is mentioned, but I’m guessing midnight Pacific.

In a similar seasonal vein, comiXology’s Halloween sales — with discounts on Marvel Zombies, Locke & Key Vol. 2, Tales From the Crypt and Afterlife With Archie #1 — end today.



Nothing seems to be actually on sale.

It is now. All Mignolaverse issues for $1 and a few for 50 cents. A few odd cases where single issues is cheaper than bundles (Abe Sapien – The Drowing, Hellboy – Chained Collosus+) but in most cases bundles reduced also.

Also, the Black Beetle at a $1 each. I won’t argue with their classifications.

Also, I don’t always get DH’s marketing strategy.

1) BPRD megabundle, 122 issues for $100. No email.
2) 3-day $10 digital art book sale (not optimised for digital viewing). Email, sent 16 hours ago.
3) Ultra-mega-almost-all-horror-stock sale. No email.

Luckily, I am resourceful enough to find ways to spend my money there.

There actually was an email about this horror sale. I got it at 3:25 pm today.

U.S. Eastern time, I should say.

I picked up some Creepy’s on this sale.

Yeah, I was confused about the pricing. It didn’t look like it was on sale until I added it to my cart, and then all the prices adjusted. I added more to my cart !

I’m a frequent buyer and get their e-mails. I noticed at the bottom of the last one that it had a note that they were doing something special so I preemptively went to their site.

BTW, for those that might not know, Dark Horse has partnered with Dynamite and the site. Good stuff.

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