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DC’s Dan DiDio to hear Whoopi Goldberg’s pitch on ‘The View’

didioviewThe unexpected connection between comic books and The View is set to continue Friday morning, with DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio booked to appear on the daytime talk show. The guest spot stems from The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s attendance at last weekend’s New York Comic Con, where the EGOT winner reportedly shopped around a graphic novel idea.

“Tomorrow on The View, I get to appear with Whoopi Goldberg and listen to her comic series pitch,” DiDio wrote Thursday on his Facebook page. “I only hope she brought samples of her work!”

According to the World Entertainment News Network, Goldberg was at NYCC participating in the the time-honored tradition of trying to break into the comic book business. “I was pitching a comic book that I’m hoping to do… I’ve been a comic book kid all of my life,” the actress/host/comedian is quoted as saying. “One of those things you don’t see is … comic book heroes, female, with any hips, you don’t see them over 12 years old, maybe something sagging a little, nothing is ever moving. So I’m working on something that will alleviate that … It will be me (as a superhero) … I do look like a comic book hero and I love that.”

DiDio showed a sense of humor about his convention encounter with Goldberg, saying in the comments section of his Facebook post, “Whoopi was sweet, humble and gracious, you never would have known she was a comic fan.”

Last year, The View announced Marvel’s same-sex marriage between Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle in the pages of Astonishing X-Men; The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman appeared on the show in 2011. Whether the View panel will ask DiDio any Wally West questions remains to be seen.



Kid Show Business

October 17, 2013 at 5:04 pm

If hope this means we FINALLY get a THEODORE REX comic series, with all the exciting story possibilities that movie promises.

The face of Evil

“And then they get married…” “Sorry Whoopi, heroes ain’t got time for marriage.”

Oh my god no. Why couldn’t they have sent Jim Lee.

I guess Whoopi never saw Amanda Waller before Flashpoint.

Unless it’s for another Batman book…

“Whoopi was sweet, humble and gracious, you never would have known she was a comic fan.”

Anybody personally offended by that?

@ Russ:

Nope. Whether people like it or not, comic fans have a bad rap in the mainstream, and most of that rap is earned.


Understood — it just needn’t be perpetuated by the folks that make a living from us. I’m just reading into DiDio’s innocent statement, anyway. Here’s hoping HIS public image as a fan first begins to flip that rap.

“DiDio was obnoxious and not very smart, you never would have known he was co-publisher of DC Comics.” ;)

A Whoopi superhero would fit better in the Marvel universe.

Celebrities pitching comics about heroes who look like them are the worst. Rosario Dawson, Sam Jackson and Tyrese tried this, among many others.

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