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First look at ‘Marvel Run Jump Smash!’ mobile game


Marvel has debuted the first look at Marvel Run Jump Smash!, the upcoming 2D-sidescroller infinite runner for mobile devices.

As the straightforward title suggests, each of the playable characters (with freakishly large heads) run, jump, smash and fly through various levels, some of which feature “iconic Marvel locations.” Users can assemble their own team of heroes, which can be changed during the game.

According to Comic Book Resources’ coverage of the “Marvel’s House of Ideas” panel at New York Comic Con, the plan is to add more characters to the game’s roster. There’s no official release date, but the word is Run Jump Smash! will be available in the United States “very, very soon.”



I saw this at NYCC this past weekend. Honestly? I wasn’t impressed. I mean, the name says it all. I’m not even sure that younger kids would like it. My ~6yo nephew, who went with me, looked bored by the footage. He was more psyched by the LEGO presentation. RJS looks more like a cheap cash in on the license.

Every tie-in game on mobiles and tablets is normally just a rip off of a game on those devices that came before (normally better). On tablets it’s a Temple Run clone (see Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2) and this is similar to games more suited to phones (see Punch Quest, better with more personality). It saddens me that casual players might think this is the pinnacle of comic book characters.

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