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First Second’s 11th-hour promotional push for ‘Battling Boy’

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Paul Pope’s Battling Boy debuts this week, which is a big deal for all sorts of reasons. I like how publisher First Second has been trailing the last week of build-up through its Twitter feed, releasing postcard-like graphics pairing panels from the book with advance praise for the release.  As if we weren’t already salivating at the prospect of Pope properly commencing his first major project since 2006’s Batman Year 100.

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(via Destroy Comics)



I managed to snag a preview copy a few weeks ago. I was a little bummed to find that the whole of the Haggard West one shot was included at the start of the book. Although it makes sense to include it because it provides context for folks who didn’t pick up the one shot, it really slowed down my ability to get into the book. Beautiful artwork, of course.

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