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Jimmy Kimmel quizzes 4-year-old Marvel trivia maven

Mia vs. Marvel

Mia vs. Marvel

Earlier this year the Internet was dazzled by Mia Grace Montross, the 4-year-old daughter of a comic fan whose mutant power is knowing a lot about Marvel Comics, even more than her dad.

But does she know more than the superheroes themselves, or at least their Hollywood Boulevard counterparts? Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to put Mia to the test, pitting her against some of the Marvel Universe’s best and brightest, including Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. See her answer questions about Cap’s shield, Wakanda and more, as the heroes pretty much eat her dust.

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Smart Little girl ,,,,,God bless.

Way to go!

“Captain America, you’re missing your, uh… where’s your head-thing… your helmet?”

The exact question I asked when I watched Steve Rogers lose his mask every five minutes in The Avengers.

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