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Matt Fraction’s full timeline breakdown of ‘Hawkeye’ #8-13


Reading Hawkeye month to month instead of in trade is an awesome experience, but it can sometimes be rather confusing for readers, especially in the most recent arc in which Matt Fraction played a bit with the timing of each issue. It was only during the recent Hawkeye #13 that the full timeline of events came to light, and now Fraction has posted his outline for the full arc on his blog.

Fraction’s photo shows 28 index cards with timestamps, issue numbers and brief description of events from Thursday at 8 p.m. to Wednesday evening in an almost-hourly breakdown of plot. The descriptions make perfect sense once you figure out Fraction’s code (“C” means Clint, “K” means Kate most of the time, “B” means Barney, “L” is Lucky the Pizza Dog.), and it’s certainly a cool insight into the most recent arc and Fraction’s process.

What’s perhaps most impressive is how carefully Fraction planned out the arc as relates to which moments appear in which issues. For example, many of the plot breakdowns show moments meant to be showcased in two different issues — like the Clown killing Grills or the “breakup” between Clint and Kate — which definitely speaks to Fraction’s long-term plans not just for the arc but for the book. It leads me to wonder how many of these index cards he actually has lying around just for the purposes of plotting Hawkeye.

Regardless, it’s good stuff, lending some true insight to the arc and a decent motivation to go back and reread the whole thing.



It paid off. I’ve gone back and reread the issues multiple times and it’s fantastic. The Pizza Dog issue is especially awesome once all the “puzzle pieces” are in place.

Hawkguy. This comic, bro. This futzing comic.

Absolutely no need for these issues to be so meandering and repetitive. Most of the events portrayed were cool the first and second times through, but it’s totally pointless to keep seeing little different angles on the same things.

It takes David Aja three months to draw an issue, and Fraction has him drawing panels of overheard conversations that we already witnessed twice before.

It’s a good series but it needs to move on.

Haven’t read it, but it reminds me of Priest’s first few issues of Black Panther on Marvel Knights (the first six or eight, maybe). It kept going back and forth, all of a sudden there was Everett K. Ross shooting at rats in a bathroom and then he had no pants and then he was in the ‘hood. It was great.

Far and away the best series Marvel’s doing right now. It’s even more fun of you read it and imagine H. Jon Benjamin doing an Archer style voice for Hawkeye.

Matt fraction has a good choice of tiles in his house

I do not read Hawkeye but this actually makes me want to check it out!

@SB. I actually bought a “Hawkguy” shirt because I loved it so much. That’s fine. What isn’t fine is that now I’m using “futzing” unironically in day to day conversations, and people always do a small double take when they hear it, and I just sound like a weirdo. This futzing book man…

Depending on when my orders arrive, I usually read it two or three issues at a time, so the breaks in continuity don’t bother me all that much. But I do wish the timeline moved faster… I think Fraction depends too much on justifying parallel action.

I have put off buying Hawkeye after Vol. 2, cause Vol. 3 includes every other issue. So not being sure what to buy, i just didn’t. Really want to read it, but looking at them again on Comixology, still not sure what to buy. Same thing happened with Hellboy. The trades included oneshots with mini stories and things just got out of order. I stopped buying hellboy for 6 years. Just number them in order and let the readers get puzzled by story, not what to buy.

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