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Morrissey ‘delighted and flattered’ by This Charming Charlie


For a few weeks it appeared as if This Charming Charlie, the popular blog that mashes up Peanuts panels with The Smiths lyrics, was heading nowhere fast, as Universal Music Publishing Group began inundating Tumblr with takedown notices, claiming copyright infringement. However, the blog’s mastermind Lauren LoPrete stood her ground, and with a little legal help filed counter-notifications with Tumblr, insisting the mash-ups fall under the fair-use exception of U.S. copyright law.

Now, not only has Universal apparently backed away from efforts to yank the parodies, but former Smiths frontman and lyricist Morrissey has given This Charming Charlie his endorsement. He also made clear in a statement to the True to You fansite that he had nothing to do with the takedown notices.

“Morrissey would like to stress that he has not been consulted over any takedown request to remove the Tumblr blog named ‘This Charming Charlie,'” reads the statement, posted Sunday. “Morrissey is represented by Warner-Chappell Publishing, and not Universal Music Publishing, (who have allegedly demanded that the lyrics be removed). Morrissey is delighted and flattered by the Peanuts comic strip with its use of Morrissey-Smiths lyrics, and he hopes that the strips remain.”

(via Pitchfork, Vulture)



Some good news on copyright for creators for a change. Would love to hear more from LoPrete on the fair-use angle.

And good on Morrissey, too. Wish more artists spoke out like that.

“Would love to hear more from LoPrete on the fair-use angle.”

Why? Pretty clear where she stands.

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