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NYCC ’13 | Actor Troy Baker performs ‘Killing Joke’ monologue

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Actor Troy Baker (Final Fantasy XIII, BioShock Infinite) has some enormous shoes to fill as he steps into the role of The Joker — a character voiced for the past two decades by Mark Hamill — in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. If there were any remaining doubts as to whether Baker could embody the Clown Prince of Crime, they were likely erased during the video game’s New York Comic Con panel, where Baker performed The Joker’s monologue from Batman: The Killing Joke, to the roaring approval of a cheering crowd.

Watch the video below. Batman: Arkham Origins will be released Oct. 25.




Something just feels weird seeing him get so much praise for essentially doing an impression of Hamill’s Joker instead of doing his own take on the character. He’s a talented guy (loved him in The Last of Us), and a great Hamill impression isn’t something everyone could do, but it’s still just an impression.


I’m with you on this one. It’s a stellar impression. No really, stellar. But what would have been more impressive would have been his own working of the material, not the slavish reproduction of decades old aesthetics.

Oh wait. That’s the Big Two in a nutshell, isn’t it?

YES @ brian and Matthew! I thought the same thing! I even was a bit let down, when i heard it the first time. Its a great fake Mark Hamill Joker, but its still fake. Would’ve loved to hear Baker do his own thing with the character, like John Dimaggio did, for example!
I was really shocked how well this was received on sites like IGN.

And if he didn’t do the same thing people would bitch about a lack of consistency among the Arkham titles


No I don’t think so. People can handle multiple continuities across different media, so why not here? The Batman voice actor is different; his voice doesn’t sound like a Kevin Conroy impression. So why not Troy Baker? It’s not like Baker isn’t talented. Far from it.

With all due respect to Hamill, his Joker is a distant second to that of Corey Burton.

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