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NYCC ’13 | DC Comics is reviving ‘Tiny Titans’

tiny titans1Longtime collaborators Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani have been on a roll recently, partnering their Aw Yeah Comics store with Alter Ego Comics, tackling Itty Bitty Hellboy at Dark Horse, which will also collect their Aw Yeah Comics series, and bringing the “Li’l” treatment to several Dynamite Entertainment titles.

However, they’re not finished yet: Aureliani announced over the weekend on Twitter, “Big news out of DC comics and @dandidio1 says so: can you say: Tiny Titans?,” followed by, “Yes! It’s true! New Tiny Titans coming soon!” Although there’s been no official announcement, DC Comics Co-Published Dan DiDio re-tweeted the second message.

The Eisner Award-winning all-ages series, which ran for 50 issues from April 2008 to May 2012, depicts the lighthearted adventures of child versions of DC heroes (primarily the Teen Titans) at Sidekick City Elementary, where Deathstroke is principal and Darkseid is the lunch lady.

There’s no word yet on when, or in what format, fans should expect the return of Tiny Titans.



Happy for those two and for the series’ fans, but it seems very odd for DC to do this, being that the version of the Titans’ that Franco and Art depicted have been explicitly erased in the new 52. Somehow I don’t think the Scott Lobdell version will lend itself well to that style.

If you liked Tiny Titans, I would reccomend you all read JL8, a webcomic from Yale Stewart. He seems to be getting a lot of readership and presence at recent Cons – including doing con covers; so I wonder if DC saw the reader interest there, but still went back to tried and true methods. Not that i am complaining, mind you – I liked TT when it came out.

Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile living in a world where DC is too stupid to hire Yale Stewart but Jeph Leob is a big shot in the industry at Marvel.

Yes, it’s outlandish that DC doesn’t try to get him to do his strip for them, but there’s no proof they haven’t tried.

Yale Stewart is extremely mum about anything involving DC. I’ve got to assume he’s gotten at least a letter from them, if only to satisfy the trademark protection they have to do. I’ve never heard him give an answer to the question “Will you ever put out a collection”, and I’m betting DC is the answer why.

At NYCC, Yale had one of the largest crowds in Artists Alley for the first couple of days. So too Art ‘n’ Franco, and anyone associated with My Little Pony. The folks doing Adventure Time at BOOM! had a longer commission line than anyone at the show.

Now if it were only kids reading those all-ages books.

@ Paul V. Allen

Don’t know why you’d expect them to have it be in any way related to the DCnU. It wasn’t before and it won’t be now. DC have a number of properties that operate in/are based on their own universe or even still in the old one.
That being said, I’d love to see a Tiny Titans version of Bunker. I think he’d fit in spectacularly well with the rest.

Paul — Superman Family Adventures had the New 52 costumes. I’m sure there will be a panel where all of a sudden they acknowledge the tweaks. Kind of like in “Iron Man 2″ when Tony Stark acknowledges Rhodey isn’t played by Terrance Howard.

My daughter will be very excited. She just discovered TT Go and loves it. It is very much the middle ground between the previous TT cartoon and Tiny titans.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

“I’ve never heard him give an answer to the question “Will you ever put out a collection”, and I’m betting DC is the answer why.”

Gosh, ya think?

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