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Omaha comic store robbed at knife point … for ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! cards


Dragon’s Lair Comics & Games in Omaha, Nebraska, was robbed at knife point Monday morning by a man wearing a Darth Vader sweatshirt who demanded not cash, not rare comic books but Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. He made off with a box of the cards worth $150, and nothing else.

Owner Bob Gellner told WOWT News that the suspect asked the store clerk to show him specific cards, and then “he drew a knife, took the cards and ran.”

“I’ve had this business here for 35 years and this is the first time we’ve been robbed,” he continued. “We’ve been burglarized. We called the police and they caught them, but this is the first time we’ve been robbed.”

As of Monday night, no suspect had been found. No one was injured in the robbery, but as you can see in the video below, some the shop’s neighbors are plenty annoyed.




I find it funny/sad that NO comic books were worth taking. Even thieves know most of them are worthless these days!!! :-p

It’s hard out here for a Yu-gi-oh Champion

Robbing folks to feed your Yu-Gi-Oh habit?! Please check in with the real world soon, your priorities need a serious upgrade.

Wow ! I dropped thousands of dollars there as a kid.

Pretty weird.

Wow, I grew up in Omaha and I’ve been to that shop before

Actually the price of cards specially yugioh is somewhat high you can sell one card for almost 60 dollars and a customized deck to up to 1000 dollars.

“‘We called the police and they caught them'”

“As of Monday night, no suspect had been found.”

WTF, which is it?? Lousy reporting.

Jason, read the quote again: The store owner says they’ve been burglarized before (but never robbed), and the police caught the people responsible for that crime.

It was Seto K. I’m pretty sure.

This is really a sad story to read. Robbing a store for yugioh cards. I know some cards are ridiculously priced. But come on bringing out a knife for just 150 worth of cards. I’m not condoning the theft but if you are going to rob someone take more than just 150 worh of cards.

What cards do you think they took? With so many reprints out, many of the high value cards have gone down in price.
Keep playing good YuGi’s!!!!

There’s a lot of ignorant people commenting here.

FYI, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards do have monetary value. Yeah, he didn’t steal much in cards, but if he knew what he was doing, he could have stolen a lot more in cards. Some of you think, “Oh my god, they’re just cards! How childish!”. Most of you people don’t even know how much money you can make from selling certain cards. If he isn’t playing the cards he stole, the he’s more than likely selling them on Ebay for a high price.

Clearly this dude took 150 dollars worth of cards looking to make waaay more than 150 dollars….If he pulls multiple copies of Dracossack, then He’d definitely be in the money! BUT this is stupid news. It will definitely go RIGHT OVER the heads of anyone who doesn’t play Yugioh at a high level.

The clerk should’ve played a trap card.

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