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Paolo Rivera’s Herge-inspired wedding invitation is amazing


Congratulations to Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera, who was recently married in grand comic-book style. No, not with a costumed villain crashing the ceremony, but rather with comics-themed accents, from the save-the-date cards and invitations to the cake-topper and name cards — all of which Rivera shows off on his blog.

As the artist’s new wife grew up as a fan of Tintin, he went with a Herge-esque style for the invitation illustration, which features guests ranging from Daredevil and Katniss Everdeen to Optimus Prime and (perhaps best of all) Ellen Ripley in the Power Loader. You can see the full image below, and the rest of the items — including Rivera’s sculpted Psylocke and Wolverine cake-topper — on his blog.

rivera wedding1



I think I can identify almost everyone in this image except the three people in front of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Any ideas? I wondered if they might be from Twilight because of the pale guy (vampire?), but I don’t know much about it (haven’t read the books or seen the movies… and probably won’t). It doesn’t appear to be Angel, Buffy, and Xander because of the girl’s hair color.

This is just too cute for words!

the first 2 rows of guests on the bride’s side is seated the Von Trapp family of The Sound of Music.

Can’t get enough of Rivera’s art. His creativity seems endless.

Didn’t notice Daredevil stepping on the Spot. That’s good stuff, my friends.Is that Kingdom Come Flash next to Wonder Woman?

Think Superman used his x-ray vision to see through Ripley?

“Spidey? I thought that Parker guy who photographs you was supposed to take our pic….”

“NO! I mean sorry, but… HE said he was sorry. Parker. Before he tossed me the camera & said “go”. Yeah, that’s it.”

FINALLY figure out that third row from front on the right. Twilight and then the guy with the flask is Tin-Tin’s Capt. Haddock in space suit from Destination Moon!

Hahaha…that´s The Spot hand being stomped by Daredevil. A very very obscure Marvel character indeed!

Who are the girl and boy between the Terminator and Panthro?

J.M. – I believe that is Sarah Connor and her son John (Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong).

J3T – I recognized the Von Trapps. Philip H. seems to confirm I was asking about the Twilight kids (are they kids?).

I love that Harrison Ford is next to Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones next to Has Solo).

What a stunning, wonderful way to say I love you. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Rivera, may they have many adventures around the world.

I like how Indiana Jones and Han Solo are sitting next to each other.

Congratulations, Paolo! Wish you the very best! Nancy Tattner

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