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Quote of the Day | ‘Comics used to be easy’


“Comics used to be easy. You pitched something and if one publisher didn’t buy it, another would. Margins are tight now, and few comics are profitable. So it’s more like the Hollywood model of pitches and notes and so and so on while years crawl by. The same reasons I never wanted to write a screenplay are now present in comics.  The ebooks let me just write the damned thing, and it’s out for public consumption within weeks.”

Chuck Dixon, explaining why he chose to release his new novella Bad Times: Cannibal Gold as an ebook, rather than as acomic



Comics should move online too. Because honestly, if it isn’t superheroes that they already own there is a very small market for anything new out there. The best thing to do is for artist to team up with writers and just go online the way that Mark Waid, and even Brian K. Vaughan have done. Especially if you’ve got the name recognition and if you don’t . . . then sell, sell, sell yourself. But a finished product with an audience will do that more than pitches at conventions.

Comics aren’t dying they’re undergoing a massive transformation . . . away from Marvel and DC and more into graphic books like Oni, and First Second publish . . .

Blame it on manga and the tankobons . . . but that’s the direction comics are going, because the monthlies are more buck than bang.

“Comics should move online”? Are you a time traveler from the 20th century?

RegularSyzed Mike

October 24, 2013 at 4:21 pm

If only there were a network…a “web” if you will…that was world wide over which one could view text and pictures. That would totally make someone some money somewhere…

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