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Quote of the Day | Paul Pope on the appeal of ‘kid superheroes’

battling boy

“I see a kid superhero like Battling Boy or Aurora West to be symbols of the potential of youth to do something new and different, to invent a new solution to old problems. […] Too often, I think the superheroes we see in films and comics are too perfect, too established, too impervious to real fault or challenge. I like the idea of writing a story focusing on kid superheroes who mess up and must learn from their mistakes.”

Paul Pope, discussing his well-reviewed new graphic novel Battling Boy



What he’s saying is, he’s tired of the same old stuff . . . and the truth is, a lot of comic fans are. Which is why there are more and more publishers popping up, and there are more and more non-superhero characters popping up.

Its a thing.

Comics are a medium, not a genre.

I agree with your sentiment but the cold-hard truth is that comic fans are still lapping up the same-old stuff month in and month out. There are a lot more non-super choices out there, but few people reading.

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