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Quote of the Day | ‘The only thing that really matters is the result’

shaolin cowboy

“I think everyone who works in the field gets asked this. What does it matter how little or long it takes to do anything? If I did a page in an hour would, that make me better or worse? If it takes me two weeks, does that make me better or an idiot for taking so much time? The only thing that really matters is the result, I would say.”

Geof Darrow, responding to a question about how long it takes him to finish an issue of Shaolin Cowboy



Sadly…”results” are as subjective as anything else. The results that an artist wants doesn’t always coincide with the results a publisher wants.

No, the result really isn’t the only thing that matters. Some people have to make a living, feed their children, etc., and I don’t think you can do that if it takes two weeks to do a page.

Did he ever answer the question? (I can’t load Huffington Post — it makes my computer crash.) His simplistic art looks like he could do at least a page or two a day, unless he struggles with anatomy or something.

“His simplistic art looks like he could do at least a page or two a day, unless he struggles with anatomy or something.”

DH should use this quote on the collection.

“His simplistic art looks like he could do at least a page or two a day, unless he struggles with anatomy or something.”

Ignorance is bliss isn’t it? Referring to a Multi-Award winning artist’s work as “simplistic” ( Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Winner – 3 times,) the artist responsible,for the intricate and detailed art of Hard Boiled, really takes the cake.

I’ve got no problem with an artist taking an inordinate amount of time to create a comic – UNLESS said book has been promoted as a monthly or bi-monthly product. There is nothing worse than an artist starting a series and waiting 6 months for a follow-up issue. Kevin Smith comes to mind. Bryan Hitch as well.

Earle and Francis, you seem to have taken the word “simplistic” as an insult. But I think it is an apt description of drawings that have no feathering, and no variation in line weight, etc., just like a four-year-old’s coloring book. Do not confuse clutter with detail.

And “award-winning” is often a meaningless term. Do you know that Donna Summer, Madonna, and Neil Diamond are all in the rock’n’roll hall of fame? That renders the award meaningless.

I bought my copies of Hard-Boiled out of the quarter bin at the local comic shop, and even then, I paid too much. Ended up giving them away. If you enjoyed it, I’m glad.

But again I ask, did Darrow eventually answer the question?

Ask as many times as you want, Jake. No one cares if he answers to your satisfaction or not. He’s got enough of a fan base and royalties from movies that he’s doing just fine. This is a side project that he wants to do and it gets done when it gets done.

“His simplistic art looks like he could do at least a page or two a day, unless he struggles with anatomy or something.”


With Darrows style being purely clean line…it’s all form driven detail…all substance. You could argue that hatching/fades/textured spotted black is cosmetic detail mark making. Everything Darrow draws is drawn and understood front to back. Nothing fades out. Nothing is hidden. It’s all there . It’s all substance. The line is clean and simple. His art…is most definitely not. He is the master of detail. The master of absurd insane crazy fucking detail. Good day Sirs.

If we’ve learnt one thing here today it’s this:

Jake knows very little about what constitutes an exceptional artist. He’s obviously still obsessing over the lack of wings on Captain America’s helmet.

Also, he knows very little about music, particularly if he’s highlighted Neil Diamond of all musicians ( not to mention Madonnas and Donna Summer for chrissakes! ) as undeserving of the many awards he’s accumulated over the decades.

50c bins are meaningless to this discussion. I recently picked up a complete run of Howard the Duck in one, as well as several Jack Kirby comics. All it means is that a number of comic readers are ignorant of what constitutes a good, or ground-breaking comic – like Hard Boiled. Congrats on joining the club!

Walk away before you embarrass yourself further. Please…

And I could explain, in great detail just how wrong you are about the comic Hard Boiled, but luckily Greg Burgas has done it for me.

There are several pages of art in this Blog that clearly demonstrate how wrong your opinion is regarding Geoff Darrow’s art, but I reckon you’re the kind of guy who’d argue that water isn’t wet just to try and win a debate.

Geoff Darrow’s art is amazing. He can take as long as he wants to draw a book because it’s worth the wait. Comparing his art to that in a colouring book is ludicrous and idiotic.

Kevin Maguire is another artist who uses clean lines to create images that convey emotion, drama, and action. I can only think that idiotic comments like Jake’s are the reason why such an accomplished artist such as Maguire was kicked off JLA.

Darrow and Maguire are known for taking a long time to create a book. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because they are the ones willing to take that time, whether or not it affects them professionally e.g. Publishers not wanting to hire them, fans not willing to wait/ buy the book. It’s none of Jake’s or anyone else’s business if this affects their ability to eat, pay the mortgage, feed their children. They are not beholden to our demands. They have chosen to work in a manner that best suits them. And it works for them.

Geoff Darrow and Maguire get paid a certain page salary based on their level of popularity. In addition, they can sell their original art for thousands of dollars. Darrow’s original art is very expensive, and very much in demand. So is Maguire’s original art. They likely make a lot more money than any of us commenting here.

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