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The Bifrost leads to the happiest place on Earth this Fall

Thor wishes you a mighty day at Disneyland.

Thor wishes you a mighty day at Disneyland.

Much like Marvel’s Iron Man display at San Diego a few years ago, their Thor throne display is finding new life at Disneyland. As announced in August, Thor will appear in Disneyland’s Innoventions area as part of Thor: Treasures of Asgard at Disneyland park.

The exhibit features “an epic collection of objects brought to Earth straight from Thor’s home world of Asgard,” which you can see below. You’ll also be able to walk across the Bifrost bridge to meet Thor.


Thor joins — or maybe replaces? — the current Iron Man exhibit that’s also in Innoventions. I was there in September, where they’ve set up the Iron Man armor display that Marvel had at their booth at past San Diego Comic-Cons to promote Iron Man and Iron Man 2:





Not enough swords in that throne.

Night Swordsman

October 27, 2013 at 1:50 pm

What does Thor and Disney have to do with Game of Thrones? The next Fast and Furious movie, should I complain about the lack of K.I.T.T.?

It would have been hilarious, but utterly wrong, to put the throne replica and other Thor items in the Norway part of EPCOT. “Yes, kids, and here we have authentic Norse clothing!”

On the other hand, the Norway pavilion does have a log flume with trolls, so maybe they wouldn’t be so out of place.

I cannot wait for Universal’s lock on the Marvel characters in their Florida theme park to expire so we can have this at WDW too.

This Thor exhibit does not replace the Iron Man exhibit. The two of them are actually right next to each other.

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