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Watch Simon Bisley paint The Joker in ‘Shock of Green’

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I love the word “gestation.” All those different hard and soft sounds to roll around your mouth; affricates, fricatives, sibilants, glottal stops, all there in one meaning-pregnant (in all senses) word. There’s a standard table of units critics use for the gestation period of a work of art. Did it take as long to complete as the average Scott Walker LP? Or, for something a little bit longer, it’s a James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake.

This movie took two years to complete, which is quite a modest timescale by my increasingly geological sense of chronology, although it’s just a record of one man completing one painting. That said, that one man is Simon Bisley, and that one painting is a mural-sized image of The Joker, so the resultant combination is indeed worthy of epic status (the running time for the movie stretches to about 10 minutes short of two hours, with the action alternating between real-time and time-lapse sequences).

This film was posted last week to the YouTube channel dedicated to Bisley, Biz TV,and on the Facebook page The Intense Art of Simon Bisley. They’re not curated by The Biz himself, and I’d be disappointed if they were: I’m happy to think he’s cruising along some dusty highway on a big twin, while assorted minions keep his social-media profile bubbling along for him.



That last sentence is surprisingly accurate.

Inspiration to us all. To see the amount of patience and time put in to mastery. I think it helps illustrate that there is no magic “here just draw this” or magic paint button.

It took me about 5 weeks to edit in my spare time. Reasons for 2 year wait are too tedious to repeat- politics, saving up for a new faster pc, having to learn to edit, etc etc

Thanks for posting a link :-)

Fantastic!! Thanks for filming this, Bisley is a legend! Wondering what paints they were? Acrylics or Oils?

Windsor and Newton Galleria Acrylics, car spray paint, coloured pencils, oil pastels, markers, a diving knife, marks and spencer’s men’s socks (UK size 10), a sponge and of course a shitload of talent !

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