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You can watch ‘Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle’ online

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If you somehow missed Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle when it aired Tuesday, or you simply want to watch it again, PBS has made the entire three-hour documentary available for viewing online.

Hosted by X-Men Origins: Wolverine actor Liev Schreiber, the documentary by Michael Kantor features interviews with the likes of Stan Lee, Adam West, Lynda Carter, Michael Chabon, Jules Feiffer and the late Joe Simon and Jerry Robinson, and chronicles how comic books “were subject to intense government scrutiny for their influence on American children and how they were created in large part by the children of immigrants whose fierce loyalty to a new homeland laid the foundation for a multibillion-dollar industry that is an influential part of our national identity.”

All three episodes — “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” “Great Power, Great Responsibility” and “A Hero Can Be Anyone” — can be viewed below.



Not available in Europe.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

October 18, 2013 at 11:50 am

I missed the first episode and part of the second due to watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I enjoyed what I did see. So I’ll definitely go and watch the first part when I get the time. I’ll probably buy it on Blu-Ray eventually, too.

Canada either, apparently. I ran into a similar issue trying to watch it on PBS’ site yesterday.

Please not that the free online screening is only until October 29th. After that, apart from PBS reruns, you can watch the series on Itunes, or buy it on DVD or BluRay. The show will be distributed internationally soon…

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