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‘You have to get a little bit P.T. Barnum from time to time’


“You have to be scrappy. There’s a tremendous amount of noise. There’s more good comics coming out right now than probably any point in the history of comics. In order to make Valiant stand apart and let everyone know what we’re up to, you have to get a little bit P.T. Barnum from time to time. We have a tremendous amount of fun doing it, but we also want to make sure that anything that we do is in service to the storytelling of the books. That’s something that we take very seriously.”

— Valiant Entertainment’s Hunter Gorinson, discussing cover gimmicks like the 8-bit animated “variant” for Unity #1 in a lengthy group interview with Comic Book Resources that addresses the publisher’s growth, marketing to retailers, development of stories and events, and more. Unity #1 sold a reported 68,500 copies to the direct market.


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You do whatever you feel you need to do, Valiant. I gotta confess that I hate those 8-bit covers, but what’s inside is gold. You already have some of the best cover artists out there. Personally, I think your reaching out to Priest and Bright for new Q&W should be good enough publicity to stand out, but anyways. I’m with you guys for the long haul!

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