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Batkid battles the Joker on ‘Good Morning America’


After rescuing San Francisco from the grip up of the Riddler and the Penguin, Batkid traveled this morning to New York City — “the real Gotham,” as Mayor Michael Bloomberg said — to take on the Joker and save rapper/producer Pitbull in a takedown arranged by Good Morning America.

Although the GMA hosts behaved as if they’re never interacted with children before, the segment was nice for the spotlight it shined on Miles Scott — the 5-year-old who has battled leukemia for three years — and the work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Also, the morning show’s set was transformed into a pretty good facsimile of the Batcave from the ’60s Batman TV series, with the Batmobile parked outside.

“He’s in remission so this has kind of been like the after-party for him, a way to kick it off,” Miles’ father Nick said. “Chemo is all he’s ever known. That’s the life that he’s known but this is kind of a way to celebrate the ending.”

Watch the video below.

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(via Entertainment Weekly)



Batkid needed to take on Bloomberg.

I’m glad Miles is in remission, and to say he deserves a heckuva party to celebrate is an understatement, but I was under the impression that the whole Make-A-Wish program and the amount of money spent making his wish come true would be better served for some poor child who truly is terminal.
I’m not complaining, just making an observation.

In any case, continue getting better Miles! You ARE Batkid!!!

Michael A. Gonoude

November 26, 2013 at 12:07 am

I see that Frisco could only manage a couple of pseudo-Batmobiles, but the genuine Gotham City had, of course, the legitimate article!
Continued good health to Batkid– we’ll need you after a couple of months of DeBlasio’s New York!

VanGoghX, that’s a misunderstanding of the mission of Make a Wish – they don’t only give wishes to terminal patients, any child/kid who has a life-threatening illness qualifies for a wish. A lot of people have the wrong impression about that…

…oh, and Go Batkid! :)

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