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Celebrate 50 years of the X-Men with T-shirt or print


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the X-Men, as well as the X-Men: Battle of the Atom crossover, WeLoveFine has unveiled an informational graphic by Leigh Wortley featuring characters from every era of Marvel’s mutant saga, from 1963 to the present. There are 150 represented, but considering the size of the X-universe, those probably aren’t all of them.

If you’re stumped on a few characters, there’s a helpful key (below). The infographic is available for $25 as a T-shirt or as a print.

xmen infographic

xmen inforgraphic key



They have some odd criteria for what constitutes an X-man. It looks like this is basically every mutant good guy ever, regardless of whether they were ever a member of the X-men, or even an X-team (ie Scarlet Witch, Diamond Lil). In addition, there are some notable omissions: Goldballs, Benjamin Deeds, Hijack, Sophie & Esme Cuckoo, Juggernaut, and the Exiles jump out at me.

@greg Juggernaut isnt a mutant.

Some really odd calls as to who has and hasn’t been included from the satellite teams, here.

For example, Pete Wisdom gets included under the 90s teams, despite never having been an X-Man. Something he’s always been rather vocal at pointing out. He was a member of Excalibur, but never an X-Man.

If he’s included here because we’re counting Excalibur as ‘X-Men’ then why are Captain Britain and Meggan missing from the 80s line-up.

And if he’s just been included for being a Mutant, then fellow Excalibur members Meggan, Kylun and Micromax should be there too.

It’s far from a complete info graphic, is my point.

Regardless of the flaws, it still looks like it’d be a sweet looking t-shirt.

But there were other non-mutant X-men there: Longshot, Danger, Doop, Mimic, Warlock, etc.

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