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Chick or treat? 3-year-old gets controversial tracts for Halloween

chick tractsWhat would Halloween be without at least one Chick tract complaint?

The family of a 3-year-old in Hespeler, Ontario, is upset that the girl was given a couple of the controversial evangelical comic tracts during a night of trick-or-treating.

“Anyone thinking that a 3-year-old Princess Rapunzel …  needs to be subjected to pictures of cruelty and violence on any day, let alone [Halloween] – a day for kids to be kids – is pretty shameful,” the girl’s father Rod Murray told the Kitchener Record.

One of the booklets lil’ Rapunzel was handed was “Somebody Loves Me,” which depicts a child beaten with a club by his alcoholic father and thrown out of the house. While sleeping in an alley, the gravely injured boy is told by a passerby that “Jesus loves you” before he dies and his carried off by an angel. The other is more difficult to figure out from the article’s description, but it apparently involves people — possibly Adam and Eve among them — covered in sores. In other words, comic tailor-made for a 3-year-old.

Given the number of Chick Publications’ tracts devoted to Halloween, it’s surprising the girl didn’t receive something a little more seasonal, or at least culturally relevant, like the relatively new “The Walking Dead?”

Founded by reclusive evangelical cartoonist Jack T. Chick, Chick Publications claims to have distributed more than 750 million comic books, comic tracts, videos and other materials warning of the supposed dangers of topics ranging from Catholicism and Freemasonry to Harry Potter and homosexuality.

“Masquerading such images as a message of love couldn’t be more flawed,” Linda Garneau, Murray’s sister-in-law, told The Record. “Halloween should not be a political or evangelical event, let it remain a celebration for those little ones among us who still believe in unicorns and supermen.”



People who hand out Chick tracts are just asking for their house to be egged.

I’d love for this story to be brought up as People’s Exhibit A the next time that an adult INADVERTENTLY gives a “mature readers” comic to a minor on Free Comic Book Day.

I thought Chick tracts were this mythical thing from the internet until I found a pile of them on a train about two years ago. I think I still have one somewhere in my house.

As I read this, I started to think of a Robot Chicken episode where Moses comes down from the mountain with his ten commandments. One person asks, “Is one of those commandments not to shove your religion down other people’s throats?” Moses yells, “No!” At which point, the person folds his arms and mutters, “Didn’t think so!”

“Mature readers” comics tend to have profanity and explicit depictions of sex and violence. Chick’s tracts and comics have no profanity, no nudity, no graphic sex, and violence that pales in contrast to what you’d see in your typical “mature readers” Garth Ennis comic.


Yeah, Chick Tracts only have kids being beaten to death and molesting fathers getting forgiven with no consequences whatsoever because they accepted Christ as their savior. Much better!

Interesting video that i’m assuming is meant to explain why a child would receive these comics.

The Chick Publications website currently has a banner ad that answers “Why did my child get this.” And the comics on the ad are halloween themed. I’m guessing the website gets plenty of complaints if they had to take steps to answer this question.

@John Hefner

Read Crossed #1, written by Garth Ennis and published by Avatar Press. A man, his wife, and their ~4 year old daughter get disemboweled, sodomized, and torn apart by a pack of cannibalistic berzerkers. There’s no comparison between that and the very censored violence illustrated in Chick’s tracts.

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