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Comics A.M. | WonderCon confirms return to Anaheim in 2014



Conventions | WonderCon organizers have announced that next year’s show, set for April 18-20, will again be held in Anaheim, California. This will be the third year for the event at that location, after having been uprooted from its longtime home at San Francisco’s Moscone Center first because of remodeling and now because of scheduling conflicts. [Los Angeles Times]

Publishing | Nick Barrucci, CEO and publisher of Dynamite Entertainment, looks back on 10 years in the business, and discusses some upcoming comics, including J. Michael Straczynski’s Twilight Zone and the new kids’ line Li’l Dynamites. [Previews World]

Conventions | Calvin Reid files a report on this past weekend’s Comic Arts Brooklyn. [Publishers Weekly]

Boxers & Saints

Boxers & Saints

Creators | Gene Luen Yang talks about Boxers & Saints, and how his upbringing informed his writing. The book is shortlisted for a National Book Award, so going to the ceremony should be an interesting experience for Yang, who served as a judge for awards a few years ago. Related: The Good Comics for Kids bloggers discuss Boxers & Saints. [The New Yorker]

Creators | In an audio interview, Joe Sacco talks about his new book The Great War, which takes as its subject the first day of the Battle of the Somme. [Uprising]

Creators | Paul Pope discusses his graphic novel Battling Boy. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Here’s a helpful guide for the perplexed: 20 differences between the Walking Dead television series and the comic. [Paste]

Dear Mr. Watterson

Dear Mr. Watterson

Comic strips | Andrew O’Hehir reviews the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson and also remembers Calvin and Hobbes, in a kind of golden light, as “the last great newspaper comic.” [Salon]

Crime | Robbers broke a window of the Krypton Comics store in Omaha, Nebraska, but they didn’t bother with comics; they just scooped up some cash and fled. The robbery is the latest in a string of smash-and-grabs in the neighborhood. [WOWT]

Retailing | Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta, answers 20 questions about his job and his life. [Edmonton Examiner]



Screw you, Wondercon.

At least we have Image Expo.

It’s funny that they’re still blaming “scheduling conflicts” on WonderCon’s relocation…

Come back to SF already. This is getting lame.

There’s a better convention: Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose.

Easter weekend again? Good luck getting any of my friends with kids to make the trip.

That sucks I was hoping Wondercon would return to SF since it would be a lot cheaper and easier for me to get there.

One word. Awesome!!! hometown

That’s OK, since San Francisco area is creating its own local cons and are being more successful since Wondercon blew it.

Comicon did not try hard enough. There are plenty of venues for the show in the Bay Area.

Big Wow Comics Convention in San Jose.

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