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Eleven-year-old shows us her Martian Manhunter collection


If you did a Venn diagram of 11-year-old girls and J’onn J’onzz collectors, it’s very likely the intersection would be sparse — but it wouldn’t be completely empty. Brad from Vermont — the “Green” state — recently shared some pictures of his daughter Taryn’s Martian Manhunter collection.

“She is a fiend for the hero,” her father told us. “She is the only 11-year-old girl who wears Martian Manhunter shirts to school. None of her friends know who he is but think her collection is cool.”

Check out her collection below.







Wow, that’s adorable! Reminds me of the second issue of the comic based on the Justice League cartoon.

Well, it’s official — this kid rules.


That’s one hip kid! I’m sure poppa is proud.

Also, makes me wonder if she’s a Miss Martian fan as well….

This is great. It is nice to see the younger kids collections.

Wow, What a gal to have that super collection. She must have Super Hero Genes. It must run in the

Wow! Really cool! I haven’t seen most of these. Whatever got her hooked on Martian Manhunter, I hope it’s something that she can pass on.

It’s striking how much better the classic design of the Martian Manhunter’s costume looks than every single one of the many redesigns of the last ten years or so.

I would think that diagram would be pretty sparse if you included 11 year old boys as well. My kids do have a Martian Manhunter figure though. The only reason they got was so they could complete the Build-a-figure that came with it.

Hi, this is a thread for discussing Taryn’s awesome collection. Any off-topic discussions have been deleted; there’s better places on this blog where you can voice your opinion.

Display Away

Please carry on your great endeavor, child!

The Vermontian Martianhunter! Bravo little lady!!!!!

Ransak the Elders

November 23, 2013 at 11:15 pm


That is awesome! Good job kiddo!!

Great collection; now someone needs to get her an original Super Powers MM figure if she doesn’t have one already!

Great collection.

Rad! Somebody should send this girl the Super Powers figure they made of J’onn!

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